Football: Frontignan imitates PSG for the end of the season in Regional 1

Football: Frontignan imitates PSG for the end of the season in Regional 1

Un septuplé pour le meilleur réalisateur du R1 Florian Moureaux ! Midi Libre – Giani Moreno

Maintenus depuis la journée précédente, les Muscatiers en ont profité pour faire le show devant le public du stade Lucien-Jean, ce samedi 25 mai en inscrivant la bagatelle de dix buts !

It was far from being the same context, the same issues, and the same staff. Still, Frontignan won 10-1 against Revel, with a gap similar to that of PSG (9-0) during the 32nd final of the Coupe de France played in January against the same Revelois.

A hat-trick from Moureaux and a goal from Bouzou allowed the "Ventres bleus" to lead well at the break (4-1). And if coach Tanagro gave playing time to certain young players, the light was still taken by one of the leaders of the group.

Moureaux takes care of his stats

Victory is above all the work of the collective, but it is impossible to miss the XXL performance of the house scorer Florian Moureaux, author of a septuplet this Saturday evening which allows him to finish top scorer in the region with 24 goals.

Often launched well from deep by his teammates, he always found the right move to beat the opposing goalkeeper. The latter will have recovered the ball in the back of the net ten times, Lopez and Ait Barazoux having also added their names to the scoreboard in the second half.

Frontignan ends the season in sixth place and will be able to calmly prepare for a 2024-2025 financial year which promises to be particularly tough following the reform of the championships.

As a reminder, the three pools of twelve teams give way to two pools of fourteen.

Now it’s time for players to vacation!

The technical sheet

► Asfac………………10
► Revel…………..1

Stade Lucien Jean.
Half time: 4-1.
Referee: M. Azargui.

Goals for Frontignan: Moureaux (9th, 20th, 45th, 60th, 67th, 84th, 89th), Bouzou (42nd), Lopez ( 62nd), Ait Barazouk (75th).

Goal for Revel: Boyer (26th).

FRONTIGNAN: Dalouze, Alderigi, Bensaidi, Marguet, Sablayrolles K., Delport (cap.), Bessis, Matarin, Bouzou, Ait Barazouk , Moureaux. Then: Carbonell, Rico, Lopez.

REVEL: Albert, Briol, Andraud, Sablayrolles M., N'guessan, Vaysset, Gregorio, Piovesan, Boyer, Saforcada , Serres. Then: Pacaud, Albert, Mirlan.

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