Football: Frontignan validates its retention in Regional 1

Football: Frontignan validates its retention in Regional 1

Une domination rapide face au dernier de la classe. Midi Libre – G.M.

Asfac won 1-3 this Saturday May 11 in Seysses.

After their defeat on penalties in the Coupe de l’Hérault final, the Muscatiers already seemed focused on this Saturday's match. Indeed, the maintenance mission being more important for the future of the first team.

No suspense

From the outset, the visitors seemed to have understood this issue. With three goals scored in ten minutes, the operation was perfect to put the opponent, dead last.

The first is to the credit of the opposing goalkeeper, surprised by the trajectory of the ball (31st), before Moureaux pushes an offering from Sablayrolles (34th), then Marguet comes to add his stone to the building (40th).

The reduction in the score of the premises (62nd) will remain anecdotal, the main thing is elsewhere. After having "flirted" a long part of the season with the red zone, Frontignan will perform well in Regional 1 during the 2024-2025 financial year.

The "Ventres bleus" will be resting next weekend before the final meeting of the season against Revel on Sunday May 26, the&rsquo ;opportunity to celebrate the maintenance as well as the end of the season in front of their supporters.

The technical sheet

► Seysses-Frouzins……..1
► Frontignan………………3

Stade François Bonzom.
Half time: 0-3.
Referee: M. Camboulives.

Goal for Seysses: Misere (62nd).
Goals for Frontignan: Youssefi (31st, csc), Moureaux (34th), Marguet (40th).

FRONTIGNAN: Dalouze, Alderigi, Marguet, Pellegrin, Sablayrolles, Delport (cap.), Yajou, Moussi, Bensaidi, Ait Barazouk, Moureaux . Then: Fofana, Bouzou, Matarin.

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