Football: greats but also a misstep for the teams from the Thau basin

Football: greats but also a misstep for the teams from the Thau basin

The Muscatiers of Asfac, undefeated for nine matches, have taken an option to maintain.

Only the Mézois took the water in the derby against Balaruc. The others continue to move forward.

The 19th day out of the 22 that make up the League championships was not intended to confirm anything, neither maintenance nor accession. However, positive results could greatly relieve clubs still in danger.

This is the case for Asfac in R1, despite leading at the break. After a series of eight matches without defeat in all competitions, the team had the opportunity to strike a blow against a direct rival. With a new hat-trick from "serial scorer" Florian Moureaux, the Muscatiers can foresee a happy outcome to this season marked by two very distinct periods, catastrophic then exceptional. They will have had the gift of keeping staff and supporters in suspense until they were no longer thirsty…hellip; The fifth, Balma, is only three points away but the arrival of Pibrac should prove decisive.

In R3, Saturday's meeting at Saint-André could allow Sporting Club to get a little closer to the objective set at the start of the season. Deprived of two of their major assets, Thomas Pron due to suspension and Floris Isola due to injury (until the end of the season), the "Vert et blanc" did the job. A goal from Sofiane Faraji at the end of the first quarter of an hour was enough to delight an entire club. Accession to R2 is not very far away.

Maintenance validated for Asfac II

The Muscatiers reservists, well anchored in the middle of the table, scored a goal very early before playing with ten men. The boys from the Pascale-Lacoste duo made it a point of honor to win the match despite very harsh refereeing decisions including a penalty saved by Savio Tayot. They provide maintenance. On the other hand, in the derby, the Mézois suffered the law of effective Balarucois. If the score is heavy, the visitors may have some regrets. We will have to react to hope to avoid a decisive match on the last day.

Baziège/Asfac 1-3,
Asfac II/Millau 1-0,
St-André-de-Sangonis/SC Sète 0-1,
Stade Balarucois/Mèze SFC 5-0. I subscribe to read more

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