Football: in district, an overall satisfactory update for two Thau clubs

Football: in district, an overall satisfactory update for two Thau clubs

Sète Olympique revient dans la lumière.

At the district level, Pascal weekend football came down to updating the calendars. Only two teams were on deck with these very different challenges.

Second place in the sights

In D2, Sète Olympique wanted to rediscover the taste of victory after its setbacks at Sussargues. Imad Talbi’s men did not perform well despite the violent wind which swept the Montpellier terrain. With three achievements, they consolidate their place on the podium. A largely reduced workforce made it possible to throw younger players into the deep end. If the first place occupied by the Jacoumards already seems out of reach, that of Sussargues, on the second step of the podium, may still be accessible and therefore become the objective of the Sétois club.< /p>

A rival at a distance

For its part, the Lapeyradoise reserve moved to try to continue a good streak near Saint-Gély-du-Fesc. Certainly, the Lapeyradois only managed to glean the draw point but it is enough to put one of its direct rivals at bay. Before going to challenge the leader, for coach Fabrice Jalbaud, it was important not to lose.

Even though the eggs were nowhere to be found on the pitches, both teams still brought home points.

Celleneuve/Sète Olympique 0-3,
Saint-Gély II/Olympique Lapeyradois II 2-2.

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