Football: in Regional 1, Aigues-Mortes boss size

Football: in Regional 1, Aigues-Mortes boss size

Martin Abbou and Valentin Fangier, the two scorers for Aigues-Mortes. Midi Libre – Eric Doladille

Regional 1/18th day. Double blow for the Camarguais: victory against Narbonne, leader at kick-off, and first place.

Facing the Narbonnais leader, Aigues-Mortes won an indisputable victory on Sunday April 21 and regained the lead of group A.

The first balls played immediately set the tone for the debates: physical commitment will be essential. We have to wait to see the first significant situation with a face-off won by Aude goalkeeper Giraud in front of Farhi (8th).

A physical and tactical part

Amplified by suspicious cries, the shocks intensify and accentuate the difficulty encountered by the referee in disentangling the true from the false. Each duel is fiercely contested, no team manages to get a foot on the ball to project themselves forward. The game is tactical, with everyone assigned to a task likely to thwart the opponent's progress.

The technical sheet

Aigues-Mortes – Narbonne: 2-0
Maurice-Fointaine Stadium.
Half time: 1-0.
Referee: M. Garcia.
Goals for Aigues-Mortes: Abbou (45th +3), Fangier (63rd).
Warnings à Aigues-Mortes: Keita (45th), Borg (starter, 45th).
Warnings à Narbonne: Hakkar (62nd), Lazari (90th).

In fact, the offensives are few in number and the risky transmissions cause inaccuracies and clumsiness. Entering the game prematurely in place of Ajjaji, Abbou fired the first shot of the match, directly at Giraud (31st).

Little by little, the Gard midfield, in which Defosse and Keita excel, takes the upper hand over its opponent. This is undoubtedly the key to the match. The Audois endure but remain on the lookout for the slightest opening. The Gard defense is watching, however.

We have to wait for added time to witness a mix-up between Giraud and one of his defenders and see the cunning Abbou sneak in to open the score without opposition (1-0, 45th + 3 ).

The skylight of Fangier

At the restart, Aigues-Mortes maintains its control over the game. The Saliniers pick up the pace, pushing the leader to make a mistake as when Hakkar mows down Fontanelli in front of goal. Fangier, the fireworks player on duty, finds Giraud's top corner (2-0, 63rd).

Blocked by the Aigues-Mortais, endured by the Narbonnais, the encounter decreases in intensity while being marked by the determination of the Borg men. Cassara's only save was very late (88th).

"Aigues-Mortes was indeed the best today and deserves its victory", easily recognized Narbonnais coach Farid Diaf.

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