Football: in Thau, solidarity was at full speed

Football: in Thau, solidarity was at full speed

Balaruc a su museler son adversaire pérolais. MIDI LIBRE – E.R.

Quatre équipes jouaient ce week-end des 24 et 25 février. Trois ont gagné, une a fait la bonne affaire, une a perdu.

Greg Tanagro knew it, visiting the Clermontaise in a period where it has just garnered five successes was not really a gift of recovery. On the other hand, the fact that the scenario was going to turn out to be so catastrophic did not occur to him at the start of the match. With 11 yellows and 4 reds distributed during a game that was “contested” to say the least, Asfac lost much more than the three points. Despite an excellent Dalouze, conceding a goal in the very last minutes, losing Ramirez to injury, then two senior players, future suspended, Sablayrolles and Alderigi, the team complicated the rest of the championship.

The coach did not hide his disappointment: « They put more physical impact and showed more desire. We missed the state of mind of a team that is playing its part, it’s distressing! ». Very little consolation, the direct rivals also fell. Remember that four teams will join R2 next season.

Hope given to Mèze

In R3, the Sétois leader at rest, the three other representatives of Thau could, through their result, give great hope to Éric Miramond's Mézois. From Saturday evening, Asfac II carried out some work by imposing itself on the Aveyronnais who believed in it until the end.

For their part, the Balarucois with mastery and desire imposed themselves on their field and consolidated their place on the podium. The real news of the day came from Sesquier where the Mézois recorded a convincing success. For Éric Miramond, it’s deserved: « In a tough and committed fight, a goal from Bresson in the first period restored confidence. We could have increased the score but the essential thing is there! »

La Clermontaise/Asfac 1-0,
Asfac II/Stade Saint-Affricain 3-2,
Stade Balarucois/Pérols 2-0,
Mèze SFC/Sud Hérault 1-0. I subscribe to read more

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