Football: in the district, a breath of fresh air for La Peyrade and a buoyant wind in Mireval

Football: in the district, a breath of fresh air for La Peyrade and a buoyant wind in Mireval

L'Olympique s'est adjugé le derby.

Le bilan est globalement bon pour les clubs du bassin de Thau, hormis en D2.

Concern is growing in the D1 staffs. The derby pitted two teams from the bottom third of the standings against each other. The Lapeyradois, who have one more match and also have to deal with the bonus-malus, are reassured. By taking their revenge on the Sétois, they see a lightening. Conversely, Sébastien Saez's men must pull themselves together in the next match against Petit-Bard.

La Pointe-Courte scored a second very positive victory, especially for the two neighboring clubs. The opponent of the day is also now defeated. The only downside was that the Pointus finished nine.

Two drops

In D2, the clash between two leaders from Pool A did not favor the Sétois of the Olympique. Absences, fatigue, the fluorescents have passed by. The coach, Imad Talbi, had bet a lot on this match, his team is now falling into line. In Pool B, FC Domitia suffered an identical fate after its defeat in Biterrois.

In D3, AS Mirevalaise dear to President Rey can continue to dream thanks to its success over a direct rival. However, Grande-Motte maintains a high pace. The goals of Hody and Benureau keep hope alive. The Lapeyradois reservists, still in Pool B, are taking a serious option over their rivals. In Pool C, the Villeveyracois continue their flawless performance and move a little closer to the D2 championship. The four other clubs, Social, Balaruc II, Mèze SFC II and FC Domitia II, lost by a narrow margin.

Ol Lapeyradois/SC Sète II 3-1,
FC Domitia/Cazouls 1-2,
Paulhan II/FC Domitia II 2-0,
Pointe-Courte AC/Saint-Gély 2-0,
AS Mireval/Lemasson 2-0,
Social Sète/Lodève 2-3,
Sussargues/Sète Olympique 3-0,
Mèze SFC/Bessan 2-3,
US Villeveyrac/Le Pouget 3-0,
Saint-André/St Balaruc II 1-0,
Ol Lapeyradois II/Palavas II 3-2.

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