Football: in the district, many Thau clubs in doubt and few on the right road

Football: in the district, many Thau clubs in doubt and few on the right road

Villeveyrac fait partie des bons élèves mais la prudence reste de mise.

The situation becomes problematic in D1.

The end of the break, for certain teams, was of particular importance. This was the case for the trio playing in D1, it will have been complicated. Thau's three representatives are now at the bottom of the rankings. The Lapeyradois had to confirm the success before the break by meeting an opponent just two points behind. They led at the break, played a good match but lost in the end.

SC Sète II is sinking

For the SC Sète reserve, still without an officially designated coach, here too we are frustrated with the result. It’s another defeat for a team which is now sinking dangerously. Finally, for the Pointus, the end of the season risks seeming very long. If the score does not reflect their commitment, this new defeat confirms an increasingly probable outcome.

In D2, the situation is different. There are two of them who can still play leading roles. Sète Olympique clings to the podium by returning to victory but will have to count on missteps from Sussargues and Jacou. It was a failure for this day, the leaders did not fail. The case is similar for FC Domitia which, with a draw, sees the two leading teams move further away.

The Mèze and Domitia reserves back to back

If in pool B of D3, Lapeyradois who are stopped more are getting their heads out of the water, this is not the case for Social in C. "Sky and white" makes their case worse. On the other hand, Villeveyrac happily pursued his lone rider. Balaruc is hanging on but the gap, with eight days to go, is seven points between the two clubs "Green and Black". Finally, the derby did not produce a winner. Domitia II and Mèze SFC II, on the field and in the middle of the ranking, are tied.

Saint-Thibéry/Ol. Lapeyradois 3-1,
Ol. Lapeyradois II/Pérols II 6-0,
Pointe-Courte AC/Castelnau-le-Crès 0-3,
Lodève/US Villeveyrac 0-1,
Stade Balarucois II/Saint-Pargoire 2-1,
Juvignac/SC Sète II/4-3,
Olympic Sète/Slats II 4-1,
Corneilhan/FC Domitia 2-2,
FC Domitia II/Mèze SFC II 2-2,
Social Sète/Paulhan II 0-4. I subscribe to read more

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