Football: it was the “last” of a very complicated season for the district clubs

Football: it was the “last” of a very complicated season for the district clubs

Les jeunes Sétois, la tête haute face aux voisins pointus. MIDI LIBRE – E.R.

The season on the pitch is now over. If the majority of clubs know their future, some will have to wait for good or bad news.

Doubts remain, they should be resolved soon. Bonus-malus, reform of the championships in progress, administrative sanctions, clubs in great difficulty, uncertainty of recovery for others, are all elements which will be taken into account to put a real end to the season.

A derby removed

In the meantime, the last day was notably marked by a derby in D1. A duel between two Sète teams which logically should find themselves in D2, barring a new adventure. The Pointus, still in difficulty on the effective level, opened the scoring very early in the match. The valiant U18 "Green and White" managed to equalize before the break. The Pointus took the advantage twice but the opposing youth managed to come back to the score. Goals, solidarity and desire on each side for a match without major issues, other than the pleasure of playing.

FC Domitia, which will undergo some changes in the off-season, finishes just off the D2 podium despite today's defeat.

Coach departures

In D3 pool B, Mireval played hard, the "Bleu et blanc" s’imposed and are suspended, as best runners-up, to a decision from the " washer" end of exercise regarding a possible rise. The two Lapeyradois teams should save their place at the last minute.

In Pool C, the "Vert et noir" of Jean-Philippe Hummel validated second place behind those of the De Felice-Moureaux pair who were also victorious. It is true that it was the last of their coach at the senior level, the Balarucois will not be the only one in this case, many coaches will leave their position at the end of this trying season.

PCAC Sète/SC Sète II 4-4,
Baillargues/Olympique Lapeyradois 10-1,
Montpeyroux/FC Domitia 2-1,
AS Mireval/O.Lapeyradois II 1-0,
US Villeveyrac/Paulhan II 3-0,
Mèze SFC/Roc Social 4-1,
FC Domitia II/Bessan 3-0,
Le Pouget/St. Balaruc II 2-3. I subscribe to read more

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