Football: Reassuring Pentecost for two clubs from the Thau basin

Football: Reassuring Pentecost for two clubs from the Thau basin

Éric Miramond and the Mézois, like the Lapeyradois, are breathing. FREE NOON – E.R.

Calendar updates preceded the final days of the League and District championships.

This Wednesday, May 15, in R3, the Mézois had collected three precious points against their Muscat neighbors. This success will allow Éric Miramond's men to play their game on Sunday at home, against Pérols.

Two days later, it was in D1 and it was the turn of the Lapeyradois to have the opportunity to get out of a dangerous zone where a minimum of three clubs will be affected by relegation. Group of thirteen, Hérault clubs in danger in R3, bonus-malus, are all elements to take into account at the end of the financial year.

For the Lapeyradois Olympians, like the Mezois, the trip to Gignac ended in a clear victory with a winning score. This should be enough to keep the club in the departmental elite. For Romain Besse, it’s an important breath of fresh air: « We won our first away match, certainly Gignac didn't play anything more but it's still a good team. Our schedule was not favorable, with an exemption and a trip to Baillargues who is playing for the title, the window was narrow to get out of it. We will now be able to breathe ».

R3 : Mèze SFC/Asfac II 4-0.
D1 : Gignac/O. Lapeyradois 3-8. I subscribe to read more

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