Football: Saint-Etienne fervor resonates as far as Lozère, with the Greens of Margeride

Football: Saint-Etienne fervor resonates as far as Lozère, with the Greens of Margeride

Les Verts de Margeride arborent des écharpes aux couleurs du club de Saint-Étienne. Les Verts de Margeride

L'association grandrieunaise rassemble et organise des déplacements pour les supporters de l'AS Saint-Étienne depuis dix-neuf ans.

"Je suis Vert depuis toujours, je suis tombé dans le Chaudron1 tout petit", remembers Didier Daudet, fervent supporter of AS Saint-Étienne. Twenty years ago, over a drink at the Grandrieu bar, the sixty-year-old and three other passionate Lozeriens decided to set up a small group to make three trips a year to Saint-Étienne to follow their team of heart. And quickly, many fans joined them.

"It grew big so we decided to create an association in 2005."&nbsp ;The name is obvious: the Greens of Margeride. Today, the association brings together more than 70 members and as many supporters. "There are people of all ages, from 3-4 years old to 80 years old, rejoices the president Didier Daudet. The intergenerational mix is ​​really very interesting." D’as much as the Greens of Margeride, the only official supporters club of Saint- Étienne in Lozère, attract people from all over the department.

Many animations

The association Les Verts de Margeride has, over the years, developed a whole field of action in animation. The first, an outing to the bowling alley in Rodez 19 years ago, pleased the members. Since then, the demand for more events of this type has increased. "We now organize two trips per year. We are already here. went to the market of Strasbourg, in the Camargue or even visit cellars in Bordeaux", énumberère Didier Daudet, the founder ;sident.

Specialized educator of trade, the Grandrieunais also attaches importance to the organization of events for people with disabilities. "Every year, we organize an outing to the stadium with establishments." For children, the giant egg hunt in April is a must. Without forgetting women, for whom the Margeride Greens are preparing special action. on the occasion of March 8, International Women's Rights Day.

Between 15 and 20 trips per season

The enthusiasm for the Greens is still as strong, despite the descent into Ligue 2 two years ago. "Obviously, we are dependent on the results but the real supporters continue to support. What is missing the most are the big matches against Marseille, Lyon, Paris… Concarneau or Annecy is less exciting", concedes Didier Daudet. The Greens of Margeride organize between 15 and 20 trips to Geoffroy-Guichard per season, by bus. And they are affiliated with the Union of Stéphanois Supporters (USS), of which Didier Daudet is the vice-president. "She is our guarantor and she oversees several groups of supporters. Ours is the 4th largest, he rejoices. There are around 25 of us traveling but it can go up to more than 50. It's very variable, it really depends on the posters."

Football: Saint-Etienne fervor resonates as far as Lozère, with the Greens of Margeride

On average, 25 Lozériens make the trip to support the Saint-Étienne team. The Greens of Margeride

Against violence

Covid-19, on the other hand, has slightly slowed down the dynamic, with matches played behind closed doors. There's no question of stopping meeting up. "We are equipped with a room and a projector to broadcast the matches."&nbsp ;Live broadcasts which continue today when the Stéphanois are not playing at home. "Before, we did a lot of traveling to other areas but it became very complicated with the restrictions and the tightening of the rules", regrets the Grandrieunais .

Without forgetting the problem of violence in stadiums which the association has sometimes faced. "This is unacceptable and it’s not excusable. When we take little ones, it becomes dangerous", he says indignantly, adding. "It must nevertheless be recognized that without the ultras, the atmospheres would be less grandiose…"

Next year, the Margeride Greens will celebrate their twentieth anniversary. "We would like to bring together as many Saint-Etienne supporters as possible in Grandrieu. People want it to continue. And we hope that Saint-Étienne will quickly move up to Ligue 1!"

1Le Chaudron is the nickname given to the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium in Saint-Étienne. I subscribe to read more

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