Football: Saturday night fever, a remake for the Thau five club

Football: Saturday night fever, a remake for the Thau five club

Le SC Sète reçoit Montpellier Atlas-Paillade, pour un match qui peut quasiment valider la montée.

Selon les résultats, ça pourrait passer ou casser pour les clubs régionaux du bassin, ce samedi 20 avril.

FA Carcassonne will be on the reinvigorated lawn of the Lucien-Jean complex this Saturday evening. The Aude club is no longer alone “red lantern” since the last day, he can still hope to get out of this mess. For its part, the Muscatier group still bears the scars of the last match, in Canet-Roussillon.

Absences due to injuries, feeling of having missed the boat, obligation to impose yourself, are all parameters to take into account. On the other hand, Florian Moureaux, for example, the striker in good form at the moment shaken at Canet-Roussillon, could be aligned. We can therefore expect a different game plan.

Rise in view

In Pool B of R3, the outcome is near, it could even be happy, from Saturday evening, for the Sétois against Atlas-Paillade. If successful, it is difficult to see how the "Green and White" would let slip first place at the end of the year. It would take three defeats in the last four days.

The Mézois also have high hopes for their evening match at home. Against this neighbor comfortably installed in the middle of the table, Éric Miramond's men have a good chance to play. A victory would put them back in the right direction, knowing that their two direct rivals are on the move.

Dauphins de Sète

The Balarucois will also be far from their base, in Aveyron. Faced with a great draw specialist and between the two only winners of the Sète leader, the Stadistes who have not played for a month will want to return to their pre-break trajectory. For Mathieu Munoz, the objective remains a runner-up place for the Sétois. « Here they are, here they are, the dolphins of Sète, here they are, here they are, the dolphins… des Sétois ». Sung by Balarucois, these words would sound like a real snub to iconology or symbolism. Beforehand, you will still have to cross the Atlas…

Finally, Saturday evening, Asfac II will be at rest, not necessarily an opportunity to sing but perhaps to dance.

This Saturday at 6 p.m.:
SC Sète/Montp. Atlas-Paillade II.
This Saturday at 7:30 p.m.:
Mèze SFC/Saint-André-de-Sangonis.
This Saturday at 8 p.m.:
Millau/Stade Balarucois. I subscribe to read more

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