Football: the removal of VAR soon to be put to a vote by English clubs

Football: the removal of VAR soon to be put to a vote by English clubs

Il faudra que quatorze clubs soient d'accord pour que la VAR soit supprimée. EFE – Enric Fontcuberta

Premier League clubs will vote at the beginning of June for or against the removal of VAR in the English championship from next season, an idea defended by Wolverhampton.

The vote will be organized on June 6 during the next general assembly of the Premier League. To be adopted, the Wolves resolution must obtain the approval of 14 of the 20 clubs involved in the first division.

"The introduction of VAR in 2019/20 was a decision taken in good faith", wrote the club, but "this has given rise to numerous unintended negative consequences which damage the relationship between fans and football, and undermine the value of the Premier League brand" ;quot;. "Our position is that the price we pay for a small increase in accuracy contradicts the spirit of our game, and therefore we should remove it from of the 2024/25" season, he explained.

Premier League supports VAR

The impact of VAR on goal celebrations, the time taken to view the images and the lack of communication in the stadium have caused strong reluctance among supporters, and even among some coaches. The Premier League, organizer of the championship, "fully supports the use of VAR and is committed, alongside PGMOL (the association of referees, editor's note), to make continuous improvements to the system in the interest of the game and the supporters", she reacted through ' a spokesperson.

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