Football: the Villeveyracois are in D2, the Lapeyradois are far from being there

Football: the Villeveyracois are in D2, the Lapeyradois are far from being there

Ils l’ont fait ! Les Villeveyracois ont mis fin au maigre suspense.

Three matches involving the Thau teams were on the district calendar this Sunday, April 14, only two took place in abnormally torrid heat.

If, in D3, we expected few surprises from the leader of group C, the planned exits of the Sétois and the Lapeyradois attracted more attention, even concern. The Union Sportive Villeveyracoise, barring a very unlikely catastrophe (due to the bonus-malus), will be resident on the floor above next season. The boys of the De Felice-Moureaux pair acquired the right to move up a notch in the district hierarchy by winning in Montagnac. They even had the luxury of adding a little spice to it, it was only in added time that they sealed the victory of the match.

With thirteen points in advance and four days until the epilogue, the “Green and Black” achieve a fourteenth success, the tenth in a row. A rare performance that delights President De Nitto's club.

Surprise and sadness

On the other hand, in D1, the time was not yet for celebration, it was that of concern or even torment. For SC Sète, this was verified well before the trip. Far too limited a workforce led to a package that generated both surprise and sadness. Certainly, the task would have been difficult, but from there to being forced to throw in the towel before the fight, few amateurs would have thought of it.

For their part, from the second minute of play, the Lapeyradois demonstrated their desire to take an option on the three points. Faced with a playful and skillful Petit-Bard reserve, the boys from the Besse-Etienne duo were particularly effective. By signing a contested set, they are a little closer to maintaining D1.

Puisssalicon-Magalas/SC Sète II 3-0 (forfeit),
Ol. Lapeyradois/Petit-Bard II 6-4,
Montagnac/US Villeveyrac 1-2.

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