Football: trophies at all levels for clubs in the Thau basin

Football: trophies at all levels for clubs in the Thau basin

Balaruc et Sète sont sur le pont. MIDI LIBRE – E.R.

Ce dimanche 28 janvier, différentes Coupes seront au menu, tous les joueurs du District et de la Ligue ne seront donc pas au repos. Les 16es de finale dans trois épreuves différentes concerneront neuf équipes issues de sept clubs du bassin de Thau.

In the Regional Cup, Asfac will kick off on Saturday, in Biars-sur-Cère. In the Hérault Cup, FC Domitia will act as Petit Poucet among the Thau clubs. Against an opponent of the same level, at home, the move is playable. Celleneuve, like the local team, remains on a defeat, here we can talk about the home advantage. To the "Blue and garnet" to enjoy it!

For the Balarucois who remain on an unexpected but ultimately deserved success in R3, the trip to Saint-Gély will be an opportunity to enhance the end of the season a little more. Residents of D1, the "Blood and Gold" of Saint-Gély are in a very bad position. One more round cannot be ruled out for Mathieu Munoz's group.

Change in Sète

Finally, for Sporting Sétois, after the surprise defeat in Sunday's derby, who better than Laurent Ferrara, the coach, will be able to motivate the troops ? Christophe Rouve, wishing to take a step back, will not be no longer on the bench. The "Green and White" have to be forgiven. It’s not so much about the failure itself, a defeat in a derby, it happens, "especially if we play in blue and white"& nbsp;some will say! The problem lies more in the manner and the small tensions that appeared. The Sétois have a role to play in this event. Far ahead in the championship, the group can now set a new objective. He has the means. The fact remains that Baillargues at home, this will not be a match to tackle the flower with a gun.

The Maurice-Martin Challenge will offer reserve teams the opportunity to take center stage. This is also the aim of this competition in which AS Mirevalaise has already distinguished itself by playing in the 2022 final. We will also have a particular look at Balaruc where the finalists of the last Veterans Cup will once again be in great demand to participate in this adventure.

In the Hérault Cup:
FC Domitia (D2)/Celleneuve (D2),
Baillargues (D1)/Sc Sète (R3),
Saint-Gély (D1)/Stade Balarucois (R3),
Asfac/Vill.-lès-Béziers 5-1.

Challenge Maurice-Martin.
This Saturday at 8:30 p.m.:
St. Balaruc II/Paulhan II.
This Sunday at 2:30 p.m.:
AS Mireval II/Arceaux Montp. II,
Mèze SFC II/Celleneuve II,
Villeneuve II/FC Domitia II. I subscribe to read more

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