Football: what the fan risks who puts a finger in Lucas Ocampos' butt during a La Liga match

Football: what the fan risks who puts a finger in Lucas Ocampos' butt during a La Liga match

L'ex-Marseillais a été victime d'une agression sexuelle. EFE – JUANJO MARTIN

The Commission against violence in Spanish sport on Wednesday requested a sanction of 6,000 euros for the young supporter of Rayo Vallecano, who put a finger on the buttocks of the Argentinian striker of Sevilla FC Lucas Ocampos, during a football match. #39;a La Liga match.

A "sanction of 6,000 euros and a ban on access to sports venues for a period of 12 months" was requested by the instance against an identified minor supporter. This commission cannot impose sanctions but only propose them to the competent government authorities.

On February 5 during the match of the 23rd day of the Spanish championship won by Sevilla FC 2-1 in Vallecas, a young Rayo Vallecano supporter, seated in the first row, touched the buttock of Sevilla with his finger. ;a player who was preparing to put the ball into play with a touch, explains the commission.

La Liga will file a complaint

"This serious act against the integrity of the player of the visiting team caused the match to be interrupted for several minutes. After what happened, the spectator and his companions showed a playful and provocative attitude in the face of the player's protests", adds the&# 39;instance.

La Liga had indicated that it would file a complaint with the juvenile court.

"I hope the league takes this matter seriously, like they do with racism", Ocampos told broadcaster DAZN after the match.

"I don't think all Rayo fans are like that, but there's always a fool" , continued the Argentinian, former OM player, adding: "I hope that this will not happen in ;#39;other areas, because if it happens in women's football, we know what can happen.

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