Football: while Lille led 2-1 until the 81st minute, Lyon scored a crazy victory (3-4) in stoppage time

Football: while Lille led 2-1 until the 81st minute, Lyon scored a crazy victory (3-4) in stoppage time

Lille-Lyon ou le scénario d’un finish incroyable de la part des Gones. MAXPPP – STEPHANE MORTAGNE

Vainqueurs de Lille au terme d’un incroyable finish, les Gones peuvent toujours croire en une qualification européenne.

Overthrown by Lyon (4-3) at home on Monday during the 32nd day of Ligue 1 after having led twice, Lille missed the opportunity to get on the podium and move closer to the Champions League.

Losc led twice in this match, 2 to 0 then 3 to 2, before collapsing psychologically, undoubtedly taken by the stakes: overtaking Brest, held in check against Nantes (0-0) on Saturday.

Instead, the Mastiffs remain in their niche, in fourth place with 55 points, two units behind the Bretons. With two matches remaining, the northern club may have missed its last opportunity to obtain a direct ticket for the lucrative and prestigious Champions League, in which case it would be content with the play-offs, which generally do not succeed in French clubs.

The technical sheet

Lille 3
Lyon 4

Stade Pierre-Mauroy.
Half-time: 2-O.
Referee: Beno&icirt Bastien.
Goals for Lille: Diakité (21st, 85th), Zhegrova (37th).
Goals for Lyon: Benrahma (66th), Fofana (82nd), Lacazette (88th), Baldé (90th+2).
Warnings à Lille: Gomes (28th), Haraldsson (80th), Yoro (90th).
Warning à Lyon: Nuamah (34th).

L’OL is getting closer to European places

Despite its success, Olympique Lyonnais is still not in the European places, but is getting closer. The Rhone club (47 points) is only two points behind Lens, sixth and first virtual qualifier for a continental competition.

This result is as much the result of the self-sacrifice of the Lyonnais as the mental bankruptcy and inexperience of the Lille people. However, they managed an ideal first period, like a boss, biting when they had the opportunities.

First by Bafodé Diakité with a superb header after a free kick from Yusuf Yazici (21st). Then by Edon Zhegrova, with a precise and surprising strike if not powerful to deceive the vigilance of Anthony Lopes from outside the area (37th).

Then Lyon showed its fangs, coming back to score through Saïd Benrahma by surprising the Lille defense in depth (66th). Full of control during the first act, Lille made the questionable choice to manage during the second.

The youth of Lyon show their fangs

In full swing in this second part of the season, OL then overturned everything in their path thanks to two newcomers: Malick Fofana, author of the equalizing goal ( 82nd) ​​after a pass from Mama Baldé, helped by Alexsandro's missed tackle.

This goal had the effect of a cold shower for the Stade Pierre-Mauroy, almost packed for the occasion. But he barked again when Bafodé Diakité put on his savior cape by giving his team the advantage after a corner (85th).

Lille caught up in the challenge

Here again, Lille, who were playing with five defenders at this point in the match, collapsed, Alexsandro leaving Alexandre Lacazette alone behind his back (88th).

Lyon roared one last time to bring down its prey thanks to Mama Baldé (90th+2). But Lille had lost the match well before, mentally, paralyzed by the challenge of putting on their crampons in the Champions League. At the end of that evening, she moved away, perhaps for good.

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