“For abortion and against the extreme right”: the “My Voice, My Choice” movement stopped in Beaucaire

“For abortion and against the extreme right”: the “My Voice, My Choice” movement stopped in Beaucaire

Une réunion publique était organisée ce dimanche soir à Beaucaire. Midi Libre – D.R.

A public meeting was organized this Sunday, June 2 to raise awareness. A petition to make access to abortion free throughout the European Union is open.

French representatives of the European campaign My Voice, My Choice, which brings together hundreds of organizations and thousands of feminist activists in Europe, stopped off in Beaucaire on Sunday evening for a public meeting. Present were Parisian elected official Alice Coffin, the president of the Observatory of Sexual and Sexist Violence in Politics Mathilde Viot, the founder of the Observatory of Racism in Politics, and representatives of associations in Beaucaire including the Anti-Racist Anti-Fascist Citizen Association of Beaucaire.

Collecting a million signatures

The objective of My Voice, My Choice: collect 1 million signatures so that access to abortion becomes free throughout the European Union. A mechanism made possible by the registration at the end of April of a European Citizens' Initiative which has already collected 400,000 signatures in one month, a record for this European democratic mechanism.

The twenty people present at the meeting responded very favorably to this campaign, which has already been presented in about twenty French cities, and will participate in the “Statues and green scarf” operation, by decorating certain statues in Beaucaire with this symbol of the fight for abortion in the world. The activists of My Voice, My Choice link this fight for abortion to the fight against the extreme right and, before Beaucaire, went to other extreme right municipalities, such as Fréjus, Moissac, Hénin-Beaumont, Béziers and Perpignan.

Click here to sign the petition.

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