For the RCN, a thrilling event

For the RCN, a thrilling event

Un ultime effort à produire pour Barnerias et les Nîmois. ALEXIS BETHUNE

National 2/22nd day. Nîmes, 4th, which ends its regular season in Aubenas, still has the opportunity to finish in second place.

After the knockout inflicted on La Seyne, and this clear success with twelve tries (81-0), the RC Nîmes players started the week in a ring… The one of the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment. Way not to rest on your laurels. "We must put this victory into perspective, recalled Nîmes manager Guillaume Aguilar during the week. This La Seyne team was largely overhauled. I especially appreciated the attitude of my players who remained focused for eighty minutes. We never took the easy route." A way, above all, to get in good condition, and in the right conditions, for this last meeting of the regular season in Aubenas.

Ardéchois who, despite their victory last weekend in Dijon (3-7), are not yet assured of their survival. For this last day, the stakes are at all levels in this group 2. At the bottom of the ranking, therefore, with Aubenas, Lannemezan, Valence d'Agen and Dijon who must win to avoid relegation to Federal 1. high, only three small points separate 4th, Nîmes (67 points), from 1st, Rumilly (70 pts), Mâcon and the Stade Métropolitain being at 68 points.

Guillaume Aguilar: "We will do the accounts on Sunday around 5:30 p.m."

Everything remains open for the obtaining the first two places, even if the players from Grand Lyon and Mâconnais start with a slight advantage, playing this last match of the regular season at home.

"We will do the accounts on Sunday around 5:30 p.m., explains the Gard technician. Like last weekend, we will have to show a lot of humility in the face of Aubenas who will play his part." A team that is the RCN's nemesis, winning only once (last December 9; 19 to 15) in eighteen years…

"Victory is imperative", especially to prevent Nîmes from putting themselves in a critical situation with a view to the final stages. The team has all the ingredients in its game to get out of this trap. "Without getting carried away, you just have to keep your head on your shoulders, while showing ambition. We must now play every match to the fullest to go as far as possible. The group does not lack the desire to give themselves the means to achieve a great end to the season." And dream of a radiant spring.

Nîmes (4th, 67 points) plays Aubenas (10th, 50 points), Sunday at 3:15 p.m., Georges-Marquand stadium.

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