For the tenth time in Béziers, they renamed rue du Cdt Denoix-de-Saint-Marc and renamed it rue du 19-Mars-1962

For the tenth time in Béziers, they renamed rue du Cdt Denoix-de-Saint-Marc and renamed it rue du 19-Mars-1962

La rue du 19-Mars, la voie de la discorde… ANTONIA JIMENEZ – ML

At the call of the Peace Movement, demonstrators have, for the tenth consecutive year, renamed rue du Cdt Denoix-de-Saint-Marc, in Montimaran in Béziers, to rename it rue du 19 -March. A symbolic act. 

Every year, around March 19, Biterrois, at the call of the Peace Movement, gather at the foot of the sign "rue du Cdt Denoix-de -Saint-Marc (1922-2013) French hero" (one perpendicular to Boulevard Cadenat), near the Béziers hospital, to rename this path of discord.  

This March 16, at 11 a.m., around fifteen demonstrators took part in the protest action, supported by the France-Algeria association, the Communist Party, the CGT and the ;#39;Republican association of fighters for peace (Arac). 

Renamed in 2015

As a reminder, just after his election, on March 14, 2015, the mayor, Robert Ménard officially renamed the rue du 19-Mars-1962, which paid tribute to the ceasefire in Algeria, to rename it after the putschist officer Commander Denoix-de-Saint-Marc. A grand ceremony had been organized  to mark the event where many nostalgic for French Algeria, such as former combatants wearing green and red berets, and counter-protesters wanting to keep the name of the street were insulting throughout the celebration. 

"19 buses came from all over France, men in berets, showing their decorations…", remembered Claude, 85 years old, a local veteran in Algeria, present every year at the event. He added: "Since then, every March 19, the flags have been at half-mast at the War Memorial on the Plateau des Poètes. It's a shame. We should rejoice at this date, whereas for Robert Ménard, it is a defeat for France."

The end of the war, the end of wars

Occasional speeches were delivered by the various representatives: Raymond Cubelles and Jacques Cros for the Peace Movement, Jean-Marc Biau for the PCF and Jean-Claude Llinarès for Arac .  Everyone recalled that the date of March 19, 1962 was that of the application of the ceasefire, the day after the Evian Accords, &quot ;which opened the way to the end of the Algerian War, and that of Independence for the Algerian people, as well as the end of colonialism".&amp ;nbsp;

All had very harsh words towards Robert Ménard and his choice of the commander in question. The various speeches quickly focused on the refusal of wars in general. And, due to current events, in particular that against Ukraine led by Russia, and further, that which pits Hamas and Palestine against Israel. 

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