“For two years, we have not reported any accidents”, André Thérond, president of the Lozère hunters’ federation

“For two years, we have not reported any accidents”, André Thérond, president of the Lozère hunters’ federation

André Thérond à la tribune : “J'assume la chasse dans son ensemble.”

L’assemblée générale de la fédération des chasseurs de Lozère s’est tenue samedi 27 avril 2024 à la halle Saint-Jean à Mende. André Thérond, le président, a fait le point.

How is the departmental federation doing??

We manage 5 700 permits. We lose a few members each year but it’s a national phenomenon.

Does this worry you?

Socially, the acceptance of hunting is no longer quite the same today. To compensate for the loss of hunters, the same number of young people would be needed, but this is not the case. They have other distractions. And then, there is also the desertification of the countryside. Others come to settle down and have the desire to discover hunting and get their license. The loss is not huge but over time it is not negligible.

On the other hand, there are more women…

Yes. They represent approximately 3% of hunters. It’s not huge but it brings renewal, a breath of fresh air. This is very good!

“For two years, we have not reported any accidents”, André Thérond, president of the Lozère hunters’ federation

Around 250 hunters from Lozère gathered for the general assembly of the departmental federation at the Halle Saint-Jean de Mende on Saturday. FREE NOON – M. P

Is security still essential today?

In 2011, we had two deaths in one week, including one non-hunter. Safety has evolved since then, but we must constantly put our heart into the work. For societal acceptance, there must be no accidents. Hunting is no more dangerous than any other activity when it is practiced normally, with strict rules to be respected. For two years, we have not reported any accidents in Lozère.

What is this about?

Safety training, mandatory clothing, signage. Before each collective fight, instructions are given. We must rule with an iron fist, so to speak, including in court.

The prefect of Lozère was the guest of the assembly

Philippe Castanet, prefect of Lozère was alongside André Thérond and members of the office of the hunters' federation and with, on the podium, Laurent Suau, Jacques Blanc, Jean-Louis Brun, Pierre Morel-À-L’Bailiff and Audrey Malaval. He expressed his official position on hunting: "We work together for intelligent enforcement of regulations. We try to simplify."The prefect insisted on the necessary trust between hunters and the State regarding the transparency of data collection, with clear counts for the regulation of species. "This allows you to act, to adjust." Another theme addressed, damage and the agro-sylvo-cynegetic balance: "They are expensive and create distress for those who suffer them, sometimes themselves hunters. This can fuel anti-hunting opposition." Finally, safety: "You have to have this obsession when handling weapons."


“For two years, we have not reported any accidents”, André Thérond, president of the Lozère hunters’ federation

Raymond Valentin, former president of the group of lieutenants of louverie of Lozère and Michel Sirvain, honorary lieutenant of louverie, received a medal for exemplarity in their work. FREE NOON – M. P

On the regulatory side, IT is being deployed…

Yes with applications, mandatory from June 1, 2024. There is an application for big game hunting (Geochasse), another for small game (Chassadapt) and finally on what we can observe (Vigifaune). We must declare because we have objectives to achieve and maintain the agro-sylvo-cynegetic balance.

“For two years, we have not reported any accidents”, André Thérond, president of the Lozère hunters’ federation

Ludovic Folcher, president of the Diane Pontoise association in Pont-de-Montvert, was honored with the sustainable hunting trophy and a check for €2,000. FREE NOON – M. P

Are hunters, hikers compatible?

This is going very well. We have excellent relations with the departmental hiking committee and I personally wanted to postpone the opening date of the hunt to the second Sunday in September. We thus let tourists finish their vacation peacefully. We close at the end of February, or even the end of January. We have banned hunting on the Stevenson and Santiago de Compostela roads. But in the fall, there are beautiful days, mushrooms, chestnuts. This sharing of space must be preserved. People should not be afraid of going into nature. We also participate in cleaning operations, as part of the operation "I love clean nature".

The multiple facets of FDC 48

The Lozère hunters’ federation (FDC 48) brings together a multitude of activities. In addition to preparation sessions for hunting license candidates, FDC 48 offers training, information, education and technical support for territory managers. On the safety side, the FDC 48 recalls the essential rules: keep your weapon safe outside of hunting, identify the game before shooting, respect an angle of 30 degrees, aiming shots only, never shoot in the direction of ;dwellings and roads, adjust your rifle, follow training. Wearing fluorescent clothing during collective hunts, signage for hunts, updating every 10 years. Monitoring the populations of red deer (by observing and listening to the bellowing), small game, analysis of the reproduction of woodcock, snipes and red-legged partridge is essential. Analysis of hunting tables for deer and mouflons and wild boars via hunt logs, monitoring of populations of small predators and participation in monitoring of protected species. FDC 48 manages compensation for damage caused by big game thanks to an exclusive fund. Collection of waste from big game hunting (130 tonnes/year) as well as used cartridges and cartridge cases (2 tonnes/year) and participation in nature clean-up actions. The federation organizes school events (wildlife), general public events (listening to the roar), and partnerships with foresters. The federation also manages a 12-hectare primary forest. Finally, FDC 48 promotes venison, particularly in the short circuit.
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