Forced kiss case: Luis Rubiales officially sent to trial for sexual assault and “coercion”

The former president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has been officially put on trial for the crimes of sexual assault and "coercion" in the forced kiss case, a judge of the National Audience court said on Wednesday.

"The judge of the National Court Francisco de Jorge decided to send for trial" Luis Rubiales,"for the non-consensual kiss on the player of the Spanish selection Jennifer Hermoso at the end of the World Cup final which was held in Sydney (Australia) on August 20, as well that for the coercion (pressure) subsequently exerted so that she would say publicly that this had been consented to", indicates the court press release.

"He could be convicted"

The trial will be held at the National Court, a Madrid court in charge of complex cases, on a date which has not yet been set, Judge Francisco specifies in the court document by Jorge. The prosecution, which presents its submissions before the trial in Spain, requested a prison sentence of two and a half years for Luis Rubiales: one year for sexual assault and one and a half years for & quot;coercion".

The public prosecutor is also demanding two years of supervised release once her sentence has been served and that it pays 50,000 euros in compensation to the player. Judge De Jorge asked Luis Rubiales to post bail of 65,000 euros within 24 hours to face the civil responsibilities to which he could be sentenced".

The magistrate also confirmed that the former coach of "Roja" would be seated in the dock. women, Jorge Vilda, and two former officials of the Federation, all accused of having exerted pressure on Jenni Hermoso.

A wave of indignation

On August 20, Luis Rubiales surprised Spanish number 10 Jenni Hermoso on the lips in front of cameras around the world, a few minutes after the triumph of the " Roja" (the Spanish selection) in Sydney during the Women's World Cup final.

His gesture caused a wave of indignation in Spain and abroad, forcing Rubiales to resign the following month. Since a recent reform of the Spanish Penal Code, a non-consensual kiss can be considered sexual assault, a criminal category bringing together all types of sexual violence, including rape.

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