Former Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne expected in Nîmes this Friday, May 31

Former Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne expected in Nîmes this Friday, May 31

L’ancienne première ministre tiendra une réunion publique à Nîmes ce vendredi 31 mai. MAXPPP/EPA – RONALD WITTEK

Elisabeth Borne viendra, vendredi 31 mai, passer une journée dans le Gard qui se terminera par une réunion publique centrée sur les élections européennes du 9 juin prochain

Women and youth. Two themes which will punctuate the trip of former Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, whose arrival was confirmed this Tuesday, May 28 in the early evening.

The MP from Calvados, in 81st and last place on the list of the presidential majority in the European elections, will therefore go to meet activists and the economic world in Gard, Friday 31st May, with a program cooked up by the president of the Renaissance party in Gard, Valérie Rouverand, who appears in 53rd position on the "Need for Europe" list.

Pastry, CAF, QPV, Costières

From 11am, the appetizer will be with a visit to the company Anissa Patisserie, named after the woman who, finalist for best pastry chef 2015, managed to prove that the white sugar is in no way essential in a dessert. "We will also have time for leafleting and discussions with activists around the market" , confides Valérie Rouverand.

The afternoon will be more formal, with a meeting at the House of Digital Inclusion, supported by the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) of Gard and a visit in the city's priority districts. A busy day which will end at the Costières stadium, from 6:30 p.m., with a public meeting.

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