FREE MIDI INFO. “We must respond to the democratic emergency”: Michaël Delafosse joins the Popular Front for the legislative elections

FREE MIDI INFO. “We must respond to the democratic emergency”: Michaël Delafosse joins the Popular Front for the legislative elections

Michaël Delafosse will continue to defend his convictions even within the Popular Front. Midi Libre – MICHAEL ESDOURRUBAILH

Often opposed to the Insoumis, the mayor of Montpellier agrees to join the union of the left in the face of the “threat” represented by the National Rally. The elected official believes that it is the “freedom” of the country “that is at stake”.

Have you agreed to join this new Popular Front?

I want to first say that the situation is very serious. We are in an exceptional and very worrying political situation. I have always fought the National Rally, always called to beat the extreme right and led as mayor of Montpellier social, ecological policies, which aim to renovate the neighborhoods to bring together, to bring fraternity… hellip; The RN, which sometimes presents a polite face, has a veneer which very often cracks, which carries within it violence and, tomorrow in power, which will call into question the freedoms of trade unions, of the press, of public services, of the rsquo;school and public hospital, all democratic freedoms… Freedom is at stake. The election of the RN would be an economic catastrophe for the country. I don't see any credible proposals. I defend republican values ​​but the RN is not a party of a republican nature, by its origins and its behavior.

Is the responsibility of the Head of State in question ?

Yes, he bears a great responsibility. He said he would be judged on the drop in the RN. I called for people to vote for him against the extreme right but it is clear that he failed.

The RN makes a lot of voices, especially in our region…

Of course and I want to tell these voters that they are wrong, that there is another way. That the RN will not serve their interests, on the contrary. That a victory for the RN would be a dramatic scenario for France.

Is the path in the Republican Front, with the Insoumis that you have also often fought ?

Yes, because this initiative is a public safety response to a democratic emergency. And it must be answered. I say it clearly: I will unwaveringly continue to defend my positions.

The presence of Jean-Luc Mélenchon does not pose a problem to you ?

I have deep disagreements with the drift of some of those responsible for La France Insoumise and I have never remained silent. And I will continue. When it comes to fighting anti-Semitism, defending Ukraine, the fate of the Hamas hostages… And for asserting secularism, I am regularly threatened with death for that…hellip; I will continue to take a stand. There are also many LFI activists like François Ruffin and Raquel Garrido who were very clear on October 7 in qualifying Hamas as a terrorist organization.

You were opposed to Nupes in 2022…

Absolutely but this Popular Front is not Nupes 2.0. This is an emergency response to the threat of the RN.

You do not put an equal sign between Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Jordan Bardella or Marine Le Pen ?

No. I have very strong disagreements and I will not change my beliefs. I have René Revol (LFI and mayor of Grabels, Editor’s note) in the Montpellier Metropolis. I have disagreements with him as with many LFI elected officials but I know that they have an attachment to republican values.

The idea of ​​single candidacies per constituency will require lacemaking work ?

It is up to everyone to take responsibility. And I remind you that Raphaël Glucksmann had a very good score, but what is important is not the positions. You will have to put the right candidate in to win! And withdraw if necessary to form a Republican front in the second round. But those who are going to commit to boutique calculations are not up to the situation.
A victory for the RN means giving Mr. Bardella the power to appoint prefects, hospital directors, rectors… Which would no longer be guarantors of the impartiality of the State but in an ideological enterprise, where discrimination or threats could weigh on public service agents. Everyone must understand that the situation is extremely serious.

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