FREE NOON DEBATE. European elections: Pac, standards, guaranteed minimum price, canteens, pesticides… what agriculture for tomorrow ?

FREE NOON DEBATE. European elections: Pac, standards, guaranteed minimum price, canteens, pesticides... what agriculture for tomorrow ?

Le débat s'est crispé sur le menu dans les cantines. Midi Libre – MICHAEL ESDOURRUBAILH

De la Politique agricole commune à la gestion de l’eau en passant par plus de produits locaux dans les cantines, la défense des paysans est au cœur de l’Europe mais avec des volontés divergentes.

Just as sharp and passionate as the debate on immigration, agriculture also set the tone with significant differences but also common projects: more local products in canteens and acting on the environment. rsquo;water.

And it was the ecologist Béatrice Leccia who got the ball rolling by calling for an in-depth reform of the CAP by transforming it into a Common Agricultural and Food Policy. It requires the creation of a "specific support fund, the exit from free trade agreements and the creation of a green VAT" more indulgent "for virtuous and organic French products".

Céline Imart (LR), a cereal farmer in Tarn, was outraged by a daily life made up of "overtransposition and standards" , created with the aim "of satisfying environmental lobbies". She demands more "consideration due to the agricultural world" and tackles the EELV candidate by demanding an end "of a punitive ecology and a forced transition" which turns out to be unproductive.

An "unfair"Common Agricultural Policy

For the PS, Claire Fita protested against an unfair Pac " where 80% of subsidies are paid at 20% of ;farmers. We must stop the payment per hectare for that of the jobs created". She notes an agricultural crisis "part of our Occitanie region…We must trust the territories, without dogma", she says. Recalling that on a regional scale, she participated in the creation of Occit’Alim which makes it possible to increase the share of local and organic production in the canteens in the region.

The representative of Reconquête!, Franck Manogil, wants to impose mirror clauses (i.e. import products which respect the same obligations as French products) and does not want to hear about the Green Pact which "will reduce national production by 10 to 20%". And which will mechanically push for more imports while it advocates "national food independence".

Stop "opposing environment and agriculture"

On the other hand, Muriel Pascal (LFI), a beekeeper in Lozère, joins the wish of a "Pac which redistributes otherwise than per hectare, a Pac which guarantees an income to farmers". By setting up "d’a guaranteed minimum price". If it includes a reduction in standards, it refuses to allow this to be done for the benefit & quot;of the lowest environmental bidder. She joins the EELV candidate on a planned end to the use of glyphosate: & quot;There are too many pesticides everywhere, we have to put an end to them."

For the presidential majority, Valérie Rouverand (Renaissance) asks to stop "opposing environment and agriculture". And tries to convince people about the Green Deal which "provides 10 billion euros per year in aid for the ecological transition".And wants the Egalim law, a pillar of the defense of income, to be extended to the European Union.

Yvan Garcia (PCF) joined the LFI candidate and considered that the priority remains to allow "farmers to live with dignity from their work"< /em>. To achieve "food sovereignty", he wants to create &amp ;quot;a real public center" of agriculture. And "s’we must impose floor prices, it is above all necessary to regulate intermediaries and regulate everyone's margins".

"You are against everything!"

Finally, for the National Rally, Julien Sanchez estimated that the excess of standards pushes“to turn farmers into bureaucrats. You have to see all the paperwork that has to be filled out to get help”, he says indignantly. Hostile to the Green Deal, he wants “more French products in all our canteens, as I did in Beaucaire”.

Which was contested by the EELV candidate who recalled that her party had tabled a bill to this effect in the National Assembly and criticized the work carried out by the mayor of Beaucaire: “You put pork in all your menus”, she thunders. Julien Sanchez accepts the remark without flinching. The debate becomes tense. Céline Imart points out that the floor price is impossible to implement and demands a reduction in charges, taxes and duties to “give our farmers some breathing space". Muriel Pascal targeted Claire Fita on the Occitanie Region which continues to artificialize land by wanting to build a useless motorway between Castres and Toulouse: “You are against everything, roads, the LGV, the plane… But how do you get around?", the socialist elected official asks him.

The other consensus around the crucial subject of access to water did not leave time to know how each would go about it. Because on the method, each has a very specific opinion on this vital question.

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