Frip Sap and its thousands of jeans at low prices opens its second store in Montpellier

Frip Sap and its thousands of jeans at low prices opens its second store in Montpellier

Jeanne, Jean-Christophe et Sap (le chien) proposent de nombreuses pièces à petit prix dans leurs boutiques Frip Sap à Montpellier. – Sam Drammeh-Boillot

Place Saint-Côme, en plein cœur de ville, Jean-Christophe et sa fille Jeanne ont ouvert une seconde friperie. Leur spécialité ? Des centaines, pardon des milliers de jeans à des prix déviant toute concurrence. 

The thrift store saga continues in Montpellier. After opening the successful boutique “Frip Sap” in 2022 rue de l’Aiguillerie, Jean-Christophe, denim specialist, is launching a second second-hand store in the heart of l’Écusson. From now on, it's his daughter who is in charge of this Ali Baba's cave of fashion lovers. "We try to offer the lowest prices possible but in keeping the quality", explains Jeanne.

Levi’s at low prices

Walking past the small storefront of Frip Sap, few suspect the treasures hidden inside. But when you open the door, hundreds of jeans are carefully arranged by size. "There are models from the 80s-90s-2000s which are no longer marketed", explains the former botanist. 501, slim, skinny, "there's definitely something to please yourself", she adds. Blue, red, black, "some are a little faded, others in excellent condition. That's also the game of thrifting, you have to hunt around to find the rare pearl.
In addition to the pants, skirts, shorts and other denim bottoms that the store offers, some vintage t-shirts are available. Sports jackets, leather or branded, always in good condition await visitors on the racks which conceal the entire walls of the establishment.

Restocking every month

If during your visit to Frip Sap, you can't find THE ultimate piece, don't panic. The second boutique on rue de l’Aiguillerie will surely have it. If this is still not the case, "each month we receive new arrivals. We sort them, select them and depending on their condition we set a price between 20 and 35 euros maximum". All the more reason to take a look.

Frip Sap – Saint-Roch district, 8 place Saint-Côme

Frip Sap – 58 rue de l’Aiguillerie. Open Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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