From a family SME to a group of around a hundred employees, the journey of Santoni Immobilier in Biterrois

From a family SME to a group of around a hundred employees, the journey of Santoni Immobilier in Biterrois

Loïc Vercruysse (à gauche) intègre l’équipe dirigeante de Santoni Immobilier en tant que directeur de la performance.

Born almost 40 years ago, the independent family group Santoni Immobilier now has fifteen agencies, spread from Béziers to Sète, and intends to continue its development and is launching a recruitment campaign for 2024. A nice journey.

Since the creation of the first agency in Marseillan-Plage by Cécile Manenc Fiorentino, Santoni Immobilier has transformed, over its thirty-eight years of existence, into a network of fifteen agencies employing one hundred collaborators. From Béziers to Sète. "It all started with our mother when she was twenty years old, explains Aurore Fiorentino, the group's current marketing director. She then passed on her passion to each member of the family, and today, we are all working to perpetuate this family heritage."
The history of Santoni Immobilier is marked by the economic fluctuations inherent to the sector. "Real estate works in cycles. The challenge is therefore each time to adapt our strategy to consolidate what already exists and continue to develop." After two years post -Covid very active, the market will come to a sudden halt in 2023. At the national level, a 20% drop in transactions has been recorded. “For Santoni, the loss of speed was less, with a drop of only 11 % in transactions and a stabilization of turnover, thanks in particular to the very buoyant market in our region ."

A promising year 2024

For 2024, Aurore is optimistic: "We had a better start compared to 2023, in turnover and in number of sales . And there are also rumors of positive announcements from the ECB which should allow the French to recover some purchasing power." The appointment of Loïc Vercruysse as performance director also marks a strategic turning point in the evolution of Santoni Immobilier. Former France group manager at Guy Hoquet, Loïc brings his expertise to facilitate the transition from the family SME to the " group while maintaining our status as an independent company and our human values. "

A recruitment evening Thursday March 28

The action plan will take place in two stages. The first concerns a phase of restructuring and consolidation. "We are targeting growth this year concentrated around our agencies. This will involve strengthening teams and developing our services within each entity. This is to lay the foundations for the second phase of market conquest, within a year." To attract new talents within its teams, the group is organizing a recruitment evening on Thursday March 28 at the Palais des Congrès in Cap d’Agde. "This event will be an opportunity for interested candidates to discover career opportunities within the
group, to exchange with the management team and employees, and to understand the current issues of the real estate market."
 And to succeed in these new challenges, Santoni Immobilier relies on proximity and support which have been part of the group’s DNA since its creation – "support for our customers, of course, and also for our teams thanks to a specific integration and continuing training course and an approach oriented towards concern for employee well-being ."

Key dates and figures

1984: Cécile Manenc Fiorentino sells her first homes alongside her studies
1986: The first Santoni agency opens its doors. Marseillan-Plage
1998: Jean-Marie Fiorentino, Cécile's husband, joined the company, followed in 2001 by their son Gaël
2013: The new company headquarters   Agde is born with 400 m² offices and a training center
2008: The daughters of Cécile and Jean-Marie join the family adventure, Deborah in 2008 then Aurore in 2014
2024: The group has 15 agencies and 100 employees Santoni Real estate : 2 rue du Grand Cap, à Agde –
Recruitment evening Thursday March 28 at 6 p.m. at the Palais des Congrès Cap d’Agde Méditerraneanée.

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