From Costières to Tour Magne via the Camargue, follow the echoes of the Croco!

From Costières to Tour Magne via the Camargue, follow the echoes of the Croco!

Une semaine d'actualité dans l'œil du Croco. Midi Libre

De-ci, de-là, le Croco refait l'actualité de la semaine… avec un brin d'impertinence et d'humour.

Management of the town hall and the urban area: between Proust and Fournier, two visions always oppose each other

We know it, we have already written it on multiple occasions: for Jean-Paul Fournier, in the perspective that the mayor of Nîmes does not run for a fifth term, the future candidate to succeed him will not should not also covet the seat of president of the Agglo. But for Franck Proust, not being both mayor of Nîmes and president of the Aggloo does not only have advantages. Asked about transport, the former first deputy of Jean-Paul Fournier believes that, to move projects forward, having the same boss at the head of the Town Hall and the Coliseum "simplifies a lot of things". Thus giving an example : "I’have the competence of transport, but it is the City that regulates the fires. When you want to work on commercial speed, it's complicated…" Thus, for Franck Proust: &quot ;It is better to have the same political head, whoever it may be, otherwise you have two administrations which oppose each other, even if there is an understanding between the politicians."& nbsp;

Transport police: still in the pipeline, but…

The new security contract recently signed between the Ministry of the Interior and local authorities provides for the creation of a transport police with twelve elements responsible for ensuring the safety of buses and trambuses. But there is still one unknown: the date of entry into service. Particularly because of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, which will mobilize numerous police and gendarmerie forces throughout this summer. "I did not have the exact date from of the prefect", confirms Franck Proust, president of Nîmes Métropole. "It will probably be after the Olympics, by the end of the year", however, he assures.

Gard mayors’ fair, it’s approaching

A traditional meeting for elected officials and decision-makers in the region, the next Gard Municipal and Intercommunity Fair will be held on Thursday, June 13, at the Nîmes exhibition center. This show is particularly dedicated to the actions and concerns of communities and public organizations. More than a hundred exhibitors are expected, like the Gard firefighters, Véolia, the Gard public works federation, EDF and the Gard CCI.

Nicolas Nadal, a return to the barracks that gets people talking

"If someone attacks me in politics, why not, but on my work…" Secretary of the Socialist Party of the Nîmes section, Nicolas Nadal will take, in Nîmes, from September 1, the position of chief of staff to Alexandre Pissas, president of the fire and rescue service of the Gard (Sdis). An appointment that made some cough, even describing the news as a "piston blow" towards the one who currently occupies the same function at Grau-du-Roi. "It’It’s Christian Vilès, who occupies the position, who himself called me a few months ago to ask me to take over from him. And I had lunch two months ago with Alexandre Pissas, who then told me about this opportunity. I discussed it with the mayor of Grau-du-Roi, Robert Crauste. But, for me, what really tipped the scales was the two hours of driving a day that I had to do and which prevented me from seeing my 4 year old daughter when she woke up and went to bed. ." Sweeping away the idea of ​​a created position "tailor-made"&nbsp ;for him by the president of Sdis30, Nicolas Nadal assures that this is not "a golden bridge. I am already chief of staff and those who criticize just need to call Robert Crauste to check if I am doing my job well. I am also a firefighter officer on secondment, I was a firefighter union representative and I already held this position when Alexandre Pissas was interim director. The critics ? I see rather a bitterness or jealousy of certain people…" 

From the Antonins to the curbs, there is only one stadium

If the mayor of Montpellier Michaël Delafosse came to discuss free transport in Nîmes at the start of the week, the assembly had to wait an extra half hour before the conference began scheduled at the Costières stadium last Tuesday. And for good reason, in addition to having to get out of Montpellier traffic which, during rush hours, has everything of a plea for the use of trams and buses, the president of the Montpellier Metropolis (who does not rsquo;s principal quality of always arriving on time, it must be said), first went, by mistake, to the… Antonins stadium.

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