From Gobelins to Lodève, the Mobilier national textile arts school now offers training in Hérault

From Gobelins to Lodève, the Mobilier national textile arts school now offers training in Hérault

Coline Espinos, licière, travaille à la réalisation d’un tapis reproduisant “Jardin d’eau” un tableau du plasticien Stéphane Calais, Midi Libre – E. L.

Un CAP puis un Brevet des métiers d'arts seront désormais accessibles à la manufacture de la Savonnerie à Lodève. Une formation technique et artistique d'excellence. 

Jean-Marc Sauvier had dreamed of it for ten years. On the eve of his retirement, the director of the Savonnerie factory in Lodève has the satisfaction of finally seeing the opening of a training course for a silk worker come to fruition in his town. A CAP in carpet and tapestry arts and techniques will open at the start of the school year in September 2024, the recruitment of candidates is underway (1). Teaching of general and artistic disciplines will be provided at the Joseph-Vallot high school in Lodève while the entire practical part of this work-study training will be done alongside the lice makers of the Lodève factory and in particular Benoît Jorba."It will be exactly the same training as that currently provided at Gobelins, with the ambition of completing the four years by offering here also the Brevet des métiers d’arts, in two years also, which completes the CAP. Currently the riders are trained in Paris for four years, but we are having a hard time getting young people to come back to us… However, we absolutely must increase our numbers."

From Gobelins to Lodève, the Mobilier national textile arts school now offers training in Hérault

Jean-Marc Sauvier, director of the Lodève factory and Benoît Jorba, who will be responsible for the practical training of apprentices. Midi Libre – E.L.

The Lodève factory had 28 horses ten years ago, there are only 13 today. In Paris, around fifty technicians are trained in different promotions, either in the restoration of carpets and tapestries, or in creation. In Lodève, it is the velvet stitch technique that is used to create, based on works by contemporary artists in particular, carpets which will adorn the salons of the Republic (prefectures, ministries and even the Elysée).

In what was, more than fifty years ago, a workshop intended to employ the wives of harkis, we now create unique pieces, the creation of which can be require five to seven years. "It’s a niche activity of course, but it’s also a know-how that absolutely must not be lost! The young people who will be recruited into this CAP will therefore be paid during training, with the assurance of a position and civil servant status upon exit." < /em>The City of Lodève has thought of everything with the purchase of the Hôtel du Nord which, in the city center, will offer accommodation at suitable rents for these young people in training.

From Gobelins to Lodève, the Mobilier national textile arts school now offers training in Hérault

To accommodate future apprentices, the city of Lodève bought the Hôtel du Nord, in the city center. Midi Libre – E.L.

Having an artistic sensitivity as well as an interest in meticulous manual work is of course required but the two years of CAP then the two years of Brevet, include a solid learning in the history of history. textile art, as well as drawing. For the technical part, the Lodève workshop must equip itself with new professions, which is not a problem. The building, whose upgrading to standards will be completed in the fall, has enough square meters and ceiling height to accommodate, within four years, around twenty apprentices and as many professions. There will be five per class for this hand-sewn training, which is currently looking for its future students.

National factories created in the 17th century

Tired of buying his carpets in Flanders or the Orient, Louis XIV asks à his minister Colbert to create national factories. In 1662, he brought together the Parisian workshops in the same place. In this Gobelins enclosure, upholsterers, painters, founders, engravers and cabinetmakers work to create their own work. manufacture pieces that will adorn royal houses or serve as diplomatic presents. The Mobilier National is the heir of the Royal Garde-Meuble.

1) Candidates must be between 16 and 29 years old and at least have the Brevet des colleges. File and details on 2) The national Savonnerie de Lodève factory can be visited on Thursdays and Fridays: reservation at the Tourist Office 04 67 88 86 44, or by email  ;nbsp; I subscribe to read more

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