From seed to plate: children from the Thau basin made aware of sustainable food

From seed to plate: children from the Thau basin made aware of sustainable food

Les enfants de seize classes de primaire ont été sensibilisés depuis la rentrée de septembre 2023. DR

Les enfants de seize classes primaires du bassin de Thau ont été sensibilités à une alimentation saine et durable, depuis la rentrée de septembre.

Balaruc-le-Vieux, Bouzigues, Marseillan, Poussan, Sète: since September, Pauline, environmental mediator at l’Agglopôle, has worked with sixteen classes, from middle section to CM2, to educate children about healthy and sustainable eating.

The educational program From seed to plate aims to raise children's awareness of the impact of their choices food in terms of health and the environment. It took place in three workshops: the origin of food and their transformation process before consumption, the importance of a balanced diet to meet the needs of the body and seasonality fruits and vegetables and finally the concept of food mileage.

More actions to come

Awareness raising was punctuated by sharing with other classes in the school, in the form of posters, drawings of games or songs.  "We will continue and develop this type of action to meet the objective that we have set for ourselves: enabling the future generation to be conscious, better informed and more committed to protecting our environment", specifies Josian Ribes, vice-president of Sète Agglopôle, delegate for environmental awareness.

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