From traditional pink paper to credit card format: we explain how to change your driving license in a few clicks

From traditional pink paper to credit card format: we explain how to change your driving license in a few clicks

On vous explique la démarche à effectuer pour changer gratuitement votre permis rose en papier au format carte bancaire. MAXPPP – Samuel Coulon

Alors que le permis au format "carte de crédit" sera obligatoire dans moins d'une dizaine d'années, il peut maintenant être obtenu gratuitement par les conducteurs possédant le traditionnel permis papier rose. On vous explique la démarche. 

As a matter of harmonization between the different European countries, the driving licenses issued since 2013 in France are made of plastic in bank card format, much more transportable, and much less fragile.

The three-fold pink paper must be replaced by drivers from January 20, 2033. You can now request its replacement with the new free of charge and without conditions, relates Les Numériques.

The simplified approach

Until now, there were only three valid reasons to replace it: theft, damage, and expiration. In the first two cases, the process cost 25 euros. The process has just been simplified.

To do this, simply go to the ANTS website and follow the following steps:

Log in to your account France Connector with their ANTS account; In the "Start a new online process" section, click on "Drivers license" ; Press the button "I start my request" ; Select "I request the production of a driving license title" ; Press "Continue" ; Indicate for whom the request is made (major/minor/emancipated person); Check for the part "This is" on the option of renewing the title; Choose "Replace a damaged license or a 3-fold folding license" for the reason of renewal ;  Inform whether a medical examination is necessary or not; Press the "Next step” ; Follow the latest instructions to finalize the process, including sending supporting documents, an ID photo and information on their marital status or even their address.

The time to receive the new permit is generally 3 to 4 weeks. You should also know that in case of checking your driving license after the date of January 19, 2033, if you present the pink paper with flap, you risk a fine of 11 euros for non-presentation of driving license, which can be increased to 38 euros if you delay in paying. 

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