Frontignan town hall has signed the “Alzheimer's-friendly town” charter

Frontignan town hall has signed the "Alzheimer's-friendly town" charter

Au moment de la signature de la convention.

By agreement, Frontignan town hall undertakes to put in place several measures for patients and their families.

The City of Frontignan has just joined, by signing an agreement with France Alzeihmer, the Hérault and national network Alzheimer's helping city . With this partnership, the municipality allows residents directly or indirectly affected by the disease to benefit from the experience and systems deployed by the association.

Several devices to put in place

"Our city is proud to fully embrace this approach which resonates with our long tradition of solidarity", declared Mayor Michel Arrouy. By signing the charter, the town hall and the association commit to the implementation of several measures. Firstly, the installation of a permanence, a place of reception, listening and information for families but also, information and training on knowledge and understanding of the disease and the right skills and behaviors to adopt in response to situations,   the development of activities to slow down the cognitive decline of the patient and support caregivers to prevent their physical and psychological exhaustion.

Awareness and inclusion

It is also planned to raise awareness of Alzheimer's disease among municipal police, municipal employees, bus drivers, traders…hellip; who may be confronted with the wandering of the sick person as well as the facilitation of access for families to numerous citizen events organized by the city. Once all these arrangements have been made, the muscatiere city should pride itself on being inclusive in this area.

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