Fuel: how to benefit from a 100 euro discount at the pump to mark 100 years of TotalEnergies ?

Fuel: how to benefit from a 100 euro discount at the pump to mark 100 years of TotalEnergies ?

TotalEnergies célèbre son centième anniversaire en cadeaux. ILLUSTRATION MAXPPP

À l’occasion de son centième anniversaire, le producteur et fournisseur d’énergie offre à ses clients plus de 20 millions d’euros de remises, dont 100 euros de carburant.

One hundred years is worth celebrating. As TotalEnergies celebrates its hundredth anniversary, the group led by Patrick Pouyanné is taking the opportunity to thank its customers with gifts, including a rebate at the pump of 100 euros.

The operation announced on Télématin was launched this Friday March 29. But be careful, to benefit from this advantage, you will have to be quick: only the first 100,000 motorists who pick up the gun at the pump at a service station and spend 1,000. euros in the next three months will be able to benefit from a check for 100 euros, or 10% discount.

To benefit from it, you must also be a holder of the "Club TotalEnergies" card, which can be requested free of charge at the station.

100 euros for new customers

This commercial gesture is combined with another operation, through which TotalEnergies continues to maintain the prices of diesel and gasoline at 1.99 euros per liter. in France for the whole of 2024, as recalled by our colleagues from Capital.

The next 100,000 new customers of an energy contract will also be rewarded with a check for 100 euros, provided that they < em>"remain subscribed for six months", at least. At a time when electricity bills continue to rise, TotalEnergies' offer will sound like a godsend for consumers.

Employees also rewarded

Finally, the group's employees will also be rewarded: the CEO has promised that each employee will receive 100 shares – listed this Friday March 29 at around 63 euros – provided that he remains five years with the company.

The cost of this operation is estimated between 620 and 630 million euros, according to the calculations of Figaro, i.e. a little more than 3% of the 19.9 billion euros in profits generated by TotalEnergies in 2023.

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