Fufu Ouedraogo and Ariane Brodier: rugby, TV, their meeting… and now their brand of clothes

Fufu Ouedraogo and Ariane Brodier: rugby, TV, their meeting… and now their brand of clothes

Ariane Brodier, Fulgence Ouedraogo et leur associé, Alexis Baranowski. Midi Libre – Aurélie Baudran

La femme de média et le rugbyman international sont ensemble depuis huit ans. Installés à Grabels avec leurs deux enfants, ils viennent de lancer leur marque de vêtements : Fake real love. Un vrai fake ? On vous explique.

Fufu Ouedraogo and Ariane Brodier: rugby, TV, their meeting… and now their brand of clothes

Ariane Brodier designs the clothes, which are made in Portugal. If Fulgence loves fashion, Alexis is the professional. Midi Libre – Aurélie Baudran

"We all want to be Ariane and Fufu!" Ariane is Ariane Brodier, a regular on TV, notably one of Arthur's recurring guests in Friday anything goes, actress in Camping Paradis or even adventurer in Fort Boyard. And incidentally, an influencer with one million subscribers on Instagram. Fufu is Fulgence Ouedraogo, emblematic captain of Montpellier Hérault Rugby, international on 39 occasions, the first MHR player to have worn the jersey of the French team. Today, he who has only known one club in his career is its first ambassador.

"He is blond with blue eyes ?"

Together, they form the celebrity and glamorous couple of Montpellier. Rather discreet, they are based in Grabels. Their notoriety goes far beyond the local framework. "It's a friend, my press officer who told me one day: I know the man of your life& nbsp;!, says Ariane Brodier. She gave us the greatest gift. I answered her: he is blond with blue eyes? She told me: almost!"

Eight years and two children later, they have fun. Like everything else. Starting with their first meeting, in Pariss. "He didn’not have the pressure, continue Ariane. It’was catastrophic. The day before, I knew that I had to do a big radio interview. So, I told him: we're going to have dinner at 10 p.m. It’s a bit lame. I was very, very anxious, I wanted to please her." Fulgence : "I knew her through the media". Ariane : "I didn't know him. My father, yes. I think he's the happiest."

Fufu Ouedraogo and Ariane Brodier: rugby, TV, their meeting… and now their brand of clothes

“Fake real love”, the brand that the three partners have just launched. Fake ? Like the initials of Fulgence, Ariane and their children. Midi Libre – Aurélie Baudran

Beautiful, rich and famous, as the expression goes. So, here we come again: "we all want to be Ariane and Fufu" ? The sentence is from a third thief. His name is Alexis Baranowski, from Nîmes, who came from football and went through the Nîmes Olympique training center. He came into their lives thanks to Aurélie, photographer and one of Ariane’s best friends. A meeting far from being trivial: Alexis dresses Ariane on her show broadcast every morning on France 3 at 9:30, You are wonderful< /em>. Enough to take her back to her first loves, she who, at the age of 20, obtained her stylist diploma and notably worked with Orchestra. Fulgence also recognizes : "I love fashion, even if I'm not an expert. I like to dress well, look good." Together they speak the same language. And they set up their brand, Fake real love. Fake, like fake, but especially like the initials of Fufu, Ariane and their children.

"Rebel, anti-people, different"

"We played on the word , explains Ariane, and we took the counter- foot. Real love is true love, family, Fake is us." " It suits them, confirms Alexis, the professional, boss of the concept store Vestiaire d’Alex, in Lunel. That characterizes them, the rebellious, antipeople, different side." The clothes are designed by Ariane, made in Portugal, with a search "fashion, high-end, in organic cotton, which resembles us, cool, gender-neutral", details Ariane. And family, that all the family can carry. I like the idea of ​​taking a sweatshirt from my boyfriend's wardrobe, or for the kids being able to dress like us."

"A metaphor for our crossbreeding"

Their first collection is called Dusk. Like twilight. Anything but a coincidence. Ariane: "This is our sunset collection. We watched it with our children. My daughter said: it’s beautiful, it’s us. You are pink, dad, it's black, the half-light. It’s a metaphor for our crossbreeding." A couple, a family, united in complicity. Everything is said.

Where to find their creations ?

Fake real love, one brand, thirty references, adults and children. Their main store is the web: fakereallove.com.

They specify: "No product is above 100 €." Their creations can also be found at Alexis, which has a concept store in Paris. Lunel, Alex’s Vestiaire. Rather than a trendy, ephemeral boutique, the three partners think more of what they want. of the event, as at the Mondial du vent, from April 11 to 14, Leucate. They are also in discussions to be present on the next Fise.

Other new: Ariane Brodier will present at from April 11 a new show All crazy about unusual competitions, every Thursday at 21 h 05, on Gulli.

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