Full box for Montpellier HSC in the Coupe d’Occitanie

Full box for Montpellier HSC in the Coupe d’Occitanie

Les U18 Féminines se sont montrées intraitables face à Béziers. N.H. – N.H.

Carton plein pour les joueurs pailladins, ce samedi, à l'occasion des finales de Coupe d'Occitanie à Saint-Gaudens. Chez les garçons, les U15 ont remporté leur finale. Chez les filles, les U18 ont triomphé.

This Saturday, for the Coupe d'Occitanie finals, it was good to wear the Montpellier HSC jersey. Two finals for as many victories, in men's U15 and women's U18.

The U18 Women offer themselves a high-level derby

The U18 Women of Montpellier HSC were opposed to AS Béziers in the final. And a derby is won. Samoun put his side on the right track by converting a penalty obtained shortly after the quarter of an hour of play. But a final is never easy, and the Biterroises came back to the score just after the break by Le Douarin (1-1, 42nd). More dominant, the Pailladines did not give their opponents hope for very long, while Valats allowed, a few minutes after the equalizer, to get back in front (1-2, 46th). Rongelet and Enjolras came to complete the score, and came to offer their coach, Louna Lacan, his first Coupe d'Occitanie. "There were a lot of doubts in the first half. The equalization hurts us but behind, the girls gave up , she analyzes. That's a lot of emotion. I have made eight Occitanie Cups and I have never won one and it is magnificent to see my players lift the trophy today.

Full box for Montpellier HSC in the Coupe d’Occitanie

The U15 Pailladins return from Saint-Gaudens with a trophy in their suitcase. M.T. – M.T.

Fright without consequences for the U15 Men

The U15 Pailladins arrived this Saturday with the costume of a team undefeated throughout the season. Against Canet-en-Roussillon, the story was supposed to be beautiful and allow Gilles Beaumian's players to win a new trophy. It was ultimately unbearable. First in front thanks to a goal from El Ghazza (1-0, 21st), the Montpellier team were caught after the break (1-1, 47th). Full of resources, they managed to get back in front thanks to Megnan (2-1, 50th), but cracked a few seconds before the final whistle on a mistake by the Hérault goalkeeper. But he would make up for it during the penalty shootout. Heroic, Basty stops two penalties and allows his team to lift the cup.

Even though he was victorious, Gilles Beaumian showed some frustration at the end of the game. “With a better pitch, it would certainly have been different, he expressed with regret. I didn't see a great final, there was a lot of waste, I'm very disappointed by the League. It's the last game of the season, the teams want to enjoy themselves and I didn't enjoy myself. We played on mental values ​​to win, I would have liked to show all of Occitania what we would have been capable of doing on a better pitch."

Technical sheets:

U15 Men's Final:

Montpellier wins 4-3 on penalties.
Half time:
Referee: Thibau Castex.
Goals for the MHSC: El Ghazza (21st), Megnan (50th).
Goals for Canet: Ruiz (47th), Kacemi (80th+4).
Warnings to Canet: Jama (72nd), Kacemi (80th+4).
MHSC : Basty – El Fenniri, Chambon, Ihamouine, El Ghazza (cap.) – Rey, Aouadene, Keita – Evil, Megnan, Martinez. Then Gras, Hmimou, Moreno.
Enter. : Gilles Beaumian.

U18 Women's Final: 

AS Béziers…1
Montpellier Hérault…4
Half time:
Referees: MM. Gilloux, Aziz, Jacomet.
Goal for ASB: Le Douarin (42nd).
Goals for the MHSC: Samoun (17th, sp), Valats (46th), Rougelet (72nd), Enjolras (75th).
Warnings at MHSC: Vanoukia (51st), Valats (62nd).
MHSC : Career – Enjolras, Vanoukia, Rougelet, Julien – Sahraoui, Samoun (cape), Kahlaoui, Bacoul – Gombert, Valats. Then Savane, Firinga, Ben Youssouf, Saguia, Epiard.
Enter. : Louna Lacan.

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