Gard tobacconists plan new action during their general meeting

Gard tobacconists plan new action during their general meeting

La hausse du prix du tabac interpelle une fois de plus les buralistes gardois en assemblée générale jeudi 30 mai. Midi Libre – Archive R. D.H.

Les buralistes du Gard organisent leur assemblée générale jeudi 30 mai à Caissargues. Leur colère sur la hausse du prix du tabac et le manque de soutien national ne retombe pas.

The tobacconists of Gard will challenge the national president of the confederation of tobacconists during their general meeting on Thursday May 30, 3:30 p.m., at the priory of Signan in Caissargues. A theatrical introduction "to mark the spirits" on a song by Francis Cabrel which was prepared for several weeks to ask for national support from the sellers of tobacco from Gard.

In recent months, the Gard tobacconists' union has spared no effort with operations at the Spanish border in order to protest against the rise in the price of tobacco last January: "From 1 to 1.50 € the packet of cigarettes and even 2 € gap for hand-rolling tobacco which concerns a population which does not have a lot of purchasing power", underlines the president of the tobacconists' union chamber du Gard Ghislaine Mazoyer.

Compensation increase

Since 2003, she has noticed a slow decline in the number of tobacconists, from 334 to 284 today: "There is a lot of dynamism at We. We are diversifying a lot in our tobacco shops. In mine, which is 38 m2, not only tobacco is sold. […] The sale of cigarettes still represents 60% of our turnover. We have to pay utilities, rent, rising energy prices."

Ghislaine Mazoyer is still calling for a tax moratorium on tobacco, an increase in the remuneration of tobacconists and regrets that this subject is not necessarily addressed during the debates linked to the European elections.

Competition with neighboring countries such as Spain, the problem of contraband, despite the controls carried out by the prefect of Gard in night grocery stores, will be discussed during the meeting. ;general meeting. The deputy for the first constituency of Gard Yoann Gillet (RN) will also be questioned on this subject.

The tobacconists of Gard will mention the police checks in their establishment to find out if they are selling Sniffy, a legal energizing powder, prohibited to minors and whose harmfulness divides professionals. "It's good to control ourselves but we should also do the same with night grocery stores, the parallel market", says Ghislaine Mazoyer.

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