Gendarmerie cadets training in Alès

Gendarmerie cadets training in Alès

Elected officials from Alès, officers of the gendarmerie, supervise the young cadets. Midi Libre – F.A.

Two days of training in the Cévennes capital.

They are between 16 and 18 years old. Most are high school students and half are young girls. « They gave up their vacations and their daily comfort to participate in cadet training, notes a gendarmerie reserve officer.

Under the authority of the group, the Citizen Participation and Republican Engagement Association, a ten-day course is organized in the form of an internship. Reserve gendarmerie personnel mainly supervise young people.

Marian Mirabello, in charge of security at the City, is satisfied with the departmental operation which is partly taking place in Alès. "The cadets spend two days with us where we have prepared a good program for them. This evening (Wednesday evening, Editor's note), they will sleep at the Clavières sports hall, on camp beds. It’s very good for cohesion, assures the former submariner.

The trainees were able to visit the installations of the Urban Supervision Center (CSU), that is to say, the video protection system with all the cameras, the different services of the municipal police of Alès and the rural police, with its equipment, patrols in town…

After a visit to the main emergency center in Alès, the fire station, the trainees attended a conference on justice given by Abdelkrim Grini, the public prosecutor.

This discovery course allows young people to acclimatize to community life and discover the military environment. Many people plan to enlist or take the exams to join the security forces.

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