Gérome Bouvier, member of the Horizons party or not ? The new mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit clarifies things regarding his political affiliation

Gérome Bouvier, member of the Horizons party or not ? The new mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit clarifies things regarding his political affiliation

“Ce n’est pas une liste Horizons”, “c’est une liste citoyenne”, ont affirmé ce jeudi soir Gérome Bouvier et une partie de son équipe, lors d’une conférence de presse. Midi Libre – C. C.

"My list is citizen" insists Gérome Bouvier, while Yvan Lachaud, Gard referent of the Horizons party, sent to the press on Sunday evening at the end of the municipal partial election his congratulations to &quot ;our municipal delegate". This Thursday evening, Gérome Bouvier and his team held a press briefing to clarify things.

Traditional, congratulations from political and institutional leaders following an election. Sunday evening, while Gérome Bouvier and his team won the Pont-Saint-Esprit municipal by-election in the first round, messages sent to the press poured in. Including that of Yvan Lachaud, Gard leader of the Horizons party, who describes Gérome Bouvier as "our municipal delegate". A surprise then that since the start of this short campaign, the Spiripontain has described his list as "citizen and apolitical".

Member, not activist

If, since Monday, "none of the Spiripontains I meet have spoken to me about it", the Comments on the Internet pushed Gérome Bouvier's team to hold a press conference this Thursday evening to "set things straight regarding my party membership&quot ;."When my running mates joined me, I did not ask them which political side they were on, just as they did not ask me the question, a firmly declared Gérome Bouvier. I brought together people of great value, sensitivity from both left and right, solely driven by the recovery of our city and the fierce desire to work together." And to insist : unlike his adversaries, "no personality from any party came support us, neither from near nor from afar. We have not received any political party funding, only donations from individuals. Our victory, without appeal, we owe only to our teamwork, with respect for everyone and without dogma."
So Horizons or not ?"I am a member, I have never been an activist for this party. My list is citizen. In the prefecture, to the question "which political tendency on the list ?", we answered "Miscellaneous& ;quot;, and to the same question for the head of the list, we answered "Centrist". This is not a Horizons list, replies Gérome Bouvier. "All this taints the appeasement that we all seek", completes Vérah Randrianasolonandrasana.

Municipal council Saturday at 10:30

His running mates abound, "it's political politics", they don't want to get into boxes. Thus Claude Conan: "I thought that we could do politics differently. We rallied behind his project." "We will work with all elected officials who place the general interest and the well-being of our citizens above the calculations and logic of political parties […]. We only have one moral contract, it is between the Demain Pont-Saint-Esprit team and the Spiripontains."
The municipal council meeting at which the mayor will be elected takes place this Saturday, May 4 at 10:30 a.m., at the Cazerne village hall.

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