Gilles d'Ettore affair: from the naturist village to the town hall of Agde, the clairvoyant Sophia knew how to place her loved ones

Gilles d'Ettore affair: from the naturist village to the town hall of Agde, the clairvoyant Sophia knew how to place her loved ones

Gilles d'Ettore affair: from the naturist village to the town hall of Agde, the clairvoyant Sophia knew how to place her loved ones

Sophia Martinez would have succeeded in obtaining positions or promotions at town hall for several of her relatives. DR

His eldest daughter was indicted for having obtained a contract within the municipality thanks to her hidden influence over the mayor of Agde. And one of her friends, whom she considered “her brother”, got a promotion to a position considered very sensitive in Cape Town.

Twenty-four hours after the revelation by Midi Libre of the indictment of a Sète developer in the Gilles d’Ettore affair, the public prosecutor of Béziers announced Tuesday, May 29 in the evening the indictment of two additional people, in this case now led by two investigating judges.

Jobs for those close to him thanks to his occult influence

This phase of the investigation concerns the jobs that relatives of Sophia Martinez, imprisoned for corruption, as well as the mayor of Agde, on March 21, would have obtained thanks to her occult influence. Positions obtained according to the same scenario: using her ventriloquist talents and the credulity of Gilles d’Ettore, Sophia Martinez used the voice of an entity supposed to be supernatural to ask him to act in his favor.

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After her husband, her eldest daughter

This is how she managed to obtain for her husband Cédric, indicted on March 21 but left under judicial supervision, a promotion as director of technical services for the city of ;rsquo;Agde. She would have used the same mechanism for the eldest of her six children, her 20-year-old daughter: according to prosecutor Raphaël Balland, the latter would have benefited "between September 2023 and April 2024" an apprenticeship contract at the Agde town hall.

Sophia Martinez admitted to investigators that she had used "pistoning" to obtain this position, her daughter not being able to find one on her own.

The barrier of the naturist village

The other job targeted is that, very sensitive in Agde, of "responsible for the toll gate of the naturist village", specifies the prosecutor and which benefited a forty-year-old, a long-time friend of the clairvoyant, between March 2023 and March 2024. "He and I, we are like brother and sister " had admitted Sophia Martinez, who would have intervened with Gilles d’Ettore using the voice of the man she called "Papa" or "l& ;rsquo;Archange Mickaël" not for his initial hiring, but so that he would be promoted, in early 2024, as team leader.

Up to five years in prison and 375,000 € fine

"These facts legally qualified by the judge and the prosecution as concealment of illegal taking of interests incur maximum penalties in particular of 5 years d&rsquo ;imprisonment and a fine of 375,000 euros in the event of conviction. The mayor of Agde had already been indicted for these acts of illegal taking of interests, the investigating magistrate suspecting him of having decided on these jobs because of his emotional proximity to the clairvoyant. quot; recalls the prosecutor in his press release.

No stay at the town hall

Placed under judicial supervision, the daughter and friend of Sophia Martinez are now prohibited from setting foot in the premises of the Agde town hall. The Sète developer recently placed in police custody, with his associate, is also prohibited from going to the premises of the town hall and the Hérault Méditerranée agglomeration.

At least 17,000 € diverted ?

He was indicted on May 16 for breach of trust, abuse of corporate property and active corruption, "in the context of financing, by companies including he is the manager of the equipped kitchen of the clairvoyant's house, part of the buffet for her wedding and the plane tickets to Paris, all for more than 17,000 euros"< /em> indicates the magistrate.

This 63-year-old developer, who also obtained construction sites in Agde, had to pay a deposit of 25,000€ to remain free.

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