“Give a positive image of the agricultural world”: Jérôme Despey’s wish for the 60th International Agricultural Show

“Give a positive image of the agricultural world”: Jérôme Despey’s wish for the 60th International Agricultural Show

For Jérôme Despey, the Salon is “always a highly anticipated moment”. Midi Libre – MICHAEL ESDOURRUBAILH

Winegrower in Saint-Geniès-des-Mourgues, number 2 of the FNSEA and president of the Hérault Chamber of Agriculture, he delivers his expectations for this 60th edition in a context marked by the anger of farmers.

What do farmers expect from this 60th edition of the Agricultural Show ?

It takes place in a particular context which follows an expression of anger and a certain unease in the profession. But they are waiting, I think, to be able to regain dignity and better consideration. It’s always a major moment, messages sent to our fellow citizens because it’s above all a show for the general public. There is, moreover, particular attention from public authorities to the agricultural world in favor of our food sovereignty, our working conditions…
With an attachment from the general public that cannot be denied…

It is the farmers' show and, each year, which reinforces the positive image of the agricultural world in public opinion. I remind you that 85% of French people supported the cause that we were defending and this helps us to make decision-makers understand that we need to change software to better defend our sectors and give prospects to our agriculture. From this point of view, we expect strong messages.

The show is also a fantastic showcase for the excellence of French products…

It is, in fact, the highlighting of each of our sectors with its signs of quality in connection with the general agricultural competition which rewards the efforts of the laborious work carried out by our farmers. I would like to point out that for Occitanie, this represents 2,773 samples in viticulture for 441 candidates. It’s also 256 product samples for 91 candidates… It’s a very strong moment to promote our wines and our products, a strong moment to talk about our campaigns. We also see a lot of children who come to see the animals, the promotion of breeds, it’s always a very strong moment. The presence of children is very important to talk about the attractiveness of professions, which is also the theme this year, because it will ensure the renewal of generations.< /p>

Winning a medal is important ?

This is real commercial added value. We saw this in particular during the Covid period when there were no medals awarded during the pandemic… Everyone asked us to resume the general agricultural competition because it is a reference for the consumer. This competition brings notoriety for the producer and a benchmark for the customer.

When did you first participate in the SIA ?

It dates back to the years 89-90 and since then I have never missed an edition. Because the show is not to be missed. It’s a place for farmers to come together to be able to discuss with each other, between the different regions, which highlights our territories, our know-how. It's a friendly, festive but also commercial moment, where we can send messages even if we would prefer this attention to be permanent… hellip; We realize the very strong, almost carnal support of our fellow citizens for its farmers quite far, I must say, from what we can hear on TV sets…

Occitanie is particularly well represented during this show, it’s important ?

This is essential. Occitanie has more than 2,000 m², nearly 140 producers, yes it’s important, especially since our region is experiencing different and sometimes more impactful difficulties, I am thinking in particular of disruption climate and the aspect on Mediterranean production which faces drought difficulties… It’s an important issue to appear well, we work very well with Irqualim which allows us to properly highlight our products under quality signs. We will have the presence of the Departments and their representatives and the Region with the presence of Carole Delga. And then this year, we have great anniversaries with the 60th edition of the SIA, the hundred years of the chambers of agriculture… The Show is always a highly anticipated moment.

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