Going out in Montpellier: solidarity egg hunt, Diago Quest… ideas for this Wednesday April 17

Going out in Montpellier: solidarity egg hunt, Diago Quest… ideas for this Wednesday April 17

The traditional Secours populaire solidarity egg hunt takes place at the Domaine d’O. Unsplash – Denisse Leon

Guided tour of the Montpellier prefecture, solidarity egg hunt at Domaine d’O, "La Vie de Château" at the Nestor-Burma cinema, Diago Quest at the Diagonal or "This way the exit !" at the Kawa Théâtre, discover our selection of outings for this Wednesday, April 17, 2024 in Montpellier.

"The metamorphoses of the prefecture"

Going out in Montpellier: solidarity egg hunt, Diago Quest… ideas for this Wednesday April 17

A former private mansion renovated in the 19th century, the interiors of the Montpellier prefecture are steeped in history. OT3M

Guided tour.The prefecture is a former private mansion from the 17th century which over time became the hotel of the Languedoc administration and then the seat of the Hérault prefecture. In the 19th century, an elegant Haussmann-style facade appeared revealing inside splendid ceremonial rooms, galleries and lounges that you will discover thanks to your guide. By reservation.

> This Wednesday, April 17 from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. and from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., departing from Place du Marché aux fleurs in Montpellier. Full price 12 €, reduced rate 10 € by reservation with the Montpellier tourist office. Contact at 04 67 60 60 60.

Solidarity egg hunt

Going out in Montpellier: solidarity egg hunt, Diago Quest… ideas for this Wednesday April 17

It is also possible to bring your picnic.

Animation. In order to go egg hunting, a "permit" will be delivered to children against a solidarity contribution of 4 € (registration strongly recommended online or possible on site). After having found all the hidden eggs, the children will share a moment punctuated by fun activities around the values ​​of global solidarity. They will be distributed across the Africa, America, Antarctica, Europe and Oceania stands.

> This Wednesday, April 17, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., at Domaine d’O (south entrance), 982 avenue des Moulins in Montpellier. Hunting license 4 €. Secours Populaire Français, federation of Hérault.

Télérama-AFCAE Festival for young audiences: "La Vie de château"

Cinema.Animation, family (0h48) from 7 years old, by Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat, Nathaniel H’limi. Recently orphaned, Violette, 8 years old, reluctantly goes to live with her uncle Régis, maintenance worker at the Palace of Versailles, whom she knows little. A sort of sinister ogre, Régis, for his part, asked nothing of anyone. He finds himself confronted with this rebellious little girl, full of character and who hates him.

> This Wednesday April 17th at 2 p.m 10, at the Nestor-Burma cinema, 2 rue Marcellin- Albert in Montpellier. Single price: 3.50 euros. Contact at 04 67 61 09 62.

La Diago Quest : Video games + "Riddle of Fire"

Cinema. Take part in a big premiere at the Diagonal: before the film screening, we play video games in the theater! Raffle with goodies offered by the EasterEggs store. Action, adventure, comedy (1h54) by Weston Razooli, with Lio Tipton, Charles Halford, Weston Razooli. A trio of children looking to crack the parental code of their new console and also the perfect recipe for blueberry pie, a sect of poachers…

> This Wednesday, April 17 at 8 p.m., at the Diagonal cinema, 5 rue de Verdun in Montpellier. Full price 8 euros, student rate 6 euros. Contact at 04 67 58 58 10.

"This way the exit !"

Theater. A family escape comedy! Three office colleagues brought together by their boss in a room will learn that he is preparing to fire them. But in his immense kindness, he grants them one last favor: participating in an escape game… hellip; The three friends will only have one hour to leave the game if they want to save their jobs…hellip;

> This Wednesday, April 17, at 8 p.m. 30, at the Kawa Théâtre, 18 rue Fouques in Montpellier. Full price 20 euros, reduced price 18 euros. Contact on 04 67 58 15 45.

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