Gray card: who are the French who will have to change it in June and how should they do it ?

Since June 1, 2024, all homes must have a precise address. This new obligation requires an update of the registration document. 1.6 million households could be affected.

French municipalities with fewer than 2,000 inhabitants are required to have assigned a name to each street, a number to each home and to have referenced all addresses online, in a national address geolocation database.

This obligation is one of the consequences of the decentralization law, known as “3DS” (differentiation, decentralization, deconcentration and simplification), adopted in 2022.

All motorists affected by these address changes will have to update their registration certificate. This could concern nearly two million registration cards.

An obligation ?

In the event of a change of address, updating the registration certificate is mandatory. The persons concerned have one month to update their registration certificate. This can be quickly done online from the website of the National Agency for Secure Titles (ANTS).

Free or not?

This is a free procedure with a limit of three changes. From the fourth change, a new registration card is sent, against payment of 2.76 euros. For this operation, you must have your registration document, proof of address less than six months old and a valid identity document.

How to do it?

"Only the holder of the registration document is authorized to make the request. If the vehicle is rented, it is the holder who must make the change of address, recalls the ANTS website.

The decentralization law, known as "3DS" will also have direct impacts on GPS. All homes can now be referenced there and facilitate the work of emergency services, delivery people or quite simply allow everyone to arrive at the right destination more easily.

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