Great opportunities at the Vieux Biclou bicycle exchange in Montpellier

Great opportunities at the Vieux Biclou bicycle exchange in Montpellier

Succès pour la huitième édition de cette bourse aux vélos. ML – GR

This Sunday, for the 8th edition, the vast majority of bicycles on sale were purchased. A sign that the success of the little queen cannot be denied.

Twice a year, a long queue forms on the Esplanade de la Musique, at the Beaux-Arts. You have to come early to the second-hand bike exchange organized by Vieux Biclou and its twenty volunteers to find what you're looking for.

This Sunday afternoon, the 8th edition was no exception to the rule. In two hours, almost all the bikes had been purchased.

"I’found a children's bike for 5 € for my 5 year old daughter", rejoices Nadia. "I was looking for a bicycle in good condition and I found a Dutch type one, with good suspension, for 40 €", explains Oscar.

"From 40 to 150 € on average"

"We advise the sellers on the price, but they are the ones who set it, specifies Philippe Holodenko, president of Vieux Biclou . The average is 40 to 150 €, and it goes up to 550 € for the most expensive electric bike."

The association finances itself by taking a small share of sales. The sellers came to drop them off Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

"The bikes have been diagnosed and are roadworthy. As for buyers, they can then come and have them restored in our workshop, if necessary." I subscribe to read more

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