Green spaces, roads, cleanliness on the menu of the general assembly

Green spaces, roads, cleanliness on the menu of the general assembly

L’aménagement de la place de l’Europe est une demande ancienne.

Le comité de quartier a réuni les habitants avant une visite du quartier avec les élus.

This is a new general assembly that Hervé Girardin, the president of the Juin-Capouchiné-Camargue neighborhood committee, hosted, in the presence of elected officials Emmanuel Carrière, deputy delegate for roads, and Véronique Gardeur-Bancel, deputy delegate for roads. 'education. But also representatives of the Union of Neighborhood Committees of Nîmes Métropole (UCQNM).

The moral report and the activities were presented using a slideshow. The president highlighted the importance of the PLU (Local Urban Planning Plan) by asking members to get involved in the process launched by the Union of Neighborhood Committees, which aims to be a source of proposals for the future revision. The president of the UCQNM, Michel Aubert, outlined the process: informing and training members of the various neighborhood committees and, concerning the PLU, which sets the general rules and easements for land use: "Each committee must designate a referent, because these provisions have a significant impact on daily life."

Place de l’Europe: non-compliance with parking

Moral report, financial report and list of members presenting themselves to the board of directors were voted unanimously. The contribution remains at 10 euros and 15 euros for a family. Different points were discussed and visualized via slides. For example, the lack of civility when depositing bulky items. But also the request for daily cleaning of Square Gaston-Teissier, where many young people take their meals. Non-compliance with parking, due to a lack of spaces in front of the shops on Place de l'Europe, was mentioned. A place, the project of which is resumed, while waiting to green the northern part for the elderly and create a sports area for teenagers next to the gymnasium. Another note: the cycle path, between the Agglo roundabout and Castorama, is dangerous due to the lifting of the bitumen. Likewise, the roads would require rehabilitation following real estate construction.

Elected official Emmanuel Carrière informed the assembly on various points: "A dumpster will be set up behind the gymnasium for the collection of plants on Saturday June 29 and Friday September 6 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and, from September, the passage of professionals for people over 70 years old to grind plants for free. All you have to do is request it." Il also recalled the introduction of free public transport for over 65s. "Another service provider will be chosen for the maintenance of green spaces. A tour of the neighborhood is planned with elected officials and the committee to identify the various negative points, on June 4."

Finally, the residents present pointed out a very clear difference in treatment on Avenue de la Liberté, after the railway bridge, with regard to cleanliness and green spaces. And they deplored that the triennial of contemporary creation had forgotten the neighborhood…

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