Guilhem Bouard: “At Auguste, we eat local and think globally”

Guilhem Bouard: “At Auguste, we eat local and think globally”

Des produits du terroir sont également proposés à la vente. Midi Libre – Laura Vaillant

Alors que la pizzeria Auguste vient de fêter sa première année, Guilhem Bouard, cogérant, revient sur le concept de "pizza gourmet" proposé dans son établissement.

Communicative smile, pronounced Aveyron accent and peasant beret. This is how Guilhem Bouard, co-manager of the pizzeria Chez Auguste, introduces himself and directs his guest towards the counter to offer her a coffee. Because entering Auguste, ultimately, is "entering a family and adhering to its values", plant l& ;rsquo;host.

It's been a year since the pizzeria opened in the city of the glove. Breathtaking view of the Pouncho d’Agast, around thirty seats in a full room almost every evening, a terrace with fifteen seats to enjoy the flight of the paragliders; the bet paid off for the two entrepreneurs, Guilhem Bouard and Mickaël Leduc.

A gourmet concept

A popular product, pizza is today a must-have in restaurants. "Everything comes down to the dough and the cooking, specifies the first. This is what pushed us to create this concept of gourmet pizza."

"I didn’invent anything", admits the host. Already present in many cities since it is increasingly appreciated, the concept has made a place for itself in the city of the glove."We felt that there was a particular expectation on the part of the Millavois. We hadn't yet opened that people came to look at the map and get information", remembers Guilhem Bouard when he talks about the day of ;opening. "I measure the weight of a product for the first time", he continues, smiling.

Adapted from "slow food", it is inconceivable for this Millavois coming from a family of bakers and pastry chefs not to take the time to preparation. So, it is with passion that he explains the process of creating a pizza. And the most important part: the dough. "I can't make pizza like that. My dough must rest for at least 24 hours. So I come in the morning to prepare it so that it will be ready the next evening."

Putting the local in the spotlight

Stars in his eyes, the  Millavois returns to the ideology of his establishment. "I like to say that Chez Auguste, we eat local and think globally." Eat local since it is towards local producers that the brand turns to make its products. This is what he defines as "BSP", or "peasant common sense". A flour from an Aveyron mill "guaranteeing pesticide-free wheat", Millavois wild garlic, a guaranteed French mozzarella with French milk, and so on.

At Auguste, working locally also means establishing good relationships with suppliers. The sign expects them "a certain regularity in supply" in order not to run out and be able to offer its customers products with the same quality.

A quality recognized in the department after a year of activity. "We have had proposals to open other Auguste in Saint-Affrique or Rodez, certifies Guilhem Bouard. But the time has come to consolidate the foundations of our first brand before thinking about opening other establishments." Tempting proposals which are, however, not completely ruled out by the entrepreneur who already has some ideas in mind…hellip;

A partnership with associations ?

Thinking local also means joining forces with Millavian associations. While the brand has already been able to take part in certain sports club events, it is possible that partnerships will emerge from the next school year. "We're going to insist next year with a map of the Augustinians sports". Holders of the card obtained by being licensed by a partner club would benefit from advantages. The list of said clubs is not yet fixed, the proximity to those in the Bernard-Vidal stadium area could create links.

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