Guillaume Gille summons 21 players for Olympic preparation, four Montpellier residents selected

Guillaume Gille summons 21 players for Olympic preparation, four Montpellier residents selected

Rémi Desbonnet a été logiquement retenu. Michael Esdourrubailh

La préparation débutera dès le jeudi 20 juin à Tignes pour un premier bloc axé sur le travail physique, la cohésion de groupe et bien sûr le handball.

Guillaume Gille gave the identity of the 21 players who will prepare for the Olympic Games, starting Thursday June 20, in Tignes. They will all aim for a place among the seventeen selected (14 + 3 substitutes).

The 21 selected

Goalkeepers: Samir Bellahcene, Rémi Desbonnet, Vincent Gérard.

Left backs: Thibaud Briet, Nikola Karabatic, Elohim Prandi, Thimotey Nguessan.

Right backs: Dika Mem, Melvyn Richardson.

Pivots: Ludovic Fabregas, Karl Konan, Luka Karabatic, Nicolas Tournat.

Left wingers: Hugo Descat, Dylan Nahi.

Right wingers: Benoît Kounkoud, Yanis Lenne, Valentin Porte.

Center halves: Kentin Mahé, Aymeric Minne, Nedim Remili.

Four Montpellier residents will be on this first trip: Rémi Desbonnet, Karl Konan, Yanis Lenne and Valentin Porte. Charles Bolzinger, preselected from an expanded list of 35 names, was not retained in the group.

Preparation will begin with a first block focused on physical work, group cohesion and of course handball. From July 5 to 7, the Blues will benefit from three days of break before a second block where they will stay at the Maison du handball, in Créteil, from July 8 to 17 with two matches on the program.

Denmark to start

The European champions will travel to Dortmund (Saturday July 13 at 5:40 p.m.) to face Germany then they will play a second match against to Croatia (Wednesday July 17 at 6 p.m.) in Chartres.

After three more days of rest, they will visit the Maison du handball on Sunday July 21, before their entry into the village scheduled for the next day. The French team will begin the Olympic tournament against Denmark on Saturday July 27 at 9 p.m. (Arena Paris Sud 6).

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