Handball: ''Complete journey, not without misery'', notes Bouillarguais Philippe Garnier

Handball: ''Complete journey, not without misery'', notes Bouillarguais Philippe Garnier

Handball: ''Complete journey, not without misery'', notes Bouillarguais Philippe Garnier

''At the public level, we were full at each match, in a superb atmosphere'', relishes Philippe Garnier.

Bouillargues had to fight until the penultimate day to ensure its maintenance in D2 after a complicated exercise at quite a few levels. President Philippe Garnier takes stock.

''There, I'm coming out of a little cold but it's better, I'm finding my young man's voice&#39 ;', jokes Philippe Garnier, president of Bouillargues. The D2 team (9th in the end) also almost suffered a cold, escaping on the penultimate day.

What feeling does this past season leave you with ?

Let’s say that we experienced a chaotic end to the season. There is this feeling of a journey accomplished, not without misery. We were not spared. Already, you start a season and you no longer have a coach and a physical trainer, in the space of the same day. Your players arrive a week later, it’s very complicated. Coach Baptiste Filipe arrived at the beginning of August with a team that he did not choose and, in the end, he managed his boat well. I think we saw some very good matches. In terms of the public, we were packed for each match, in a superb atmosphere, lots of young people around…

Not spared on or off the field…

Yes. These two penalty points hurt us (inflicted on March 22 by the CNCG due to a deficit of 65,000 euros). Without that, we finished 7th (8th, exactly, Editor's note). There, the CNCG (National Control and Management Commission) gave us a new clearance plan at the start of the year, which runs until 2027. There is a certain confidence that exists ;establishes in the presentation of accounts and everything that goes with it.

Two years ago, Bouillargues filed for VAP status (path to professionalization). What about the club's very high-level ambitions??

We are not going to establish VAP status next season, we have to be reasonable. After the first files submitted, with forecasts and cash flow plans, this suggests a payroll of around 300,000 euros. At this level, the objective is to pay off our debts. If the work is good with partners (130 currently) and collectivized by the end of 2024/2025, perhaps ask for it the following year.

What will be the sporting ambitions in 2024/2025 ?

The objective set will be the middle of the table, the same as this year (the BHNM aimed for the top 7). However, it will be harder in terms of recruitment, because we positioned ourselves late due to the fact that we held on at the end. And then, there, we have a forecast budget of 610,000,000 euros; while it was 680,000 euros; in 2023.

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