Handball: for Jean Garait, co-president of Frontignan THB, “the obstacles helped to unite the group”

Handball: for Jean Garait, co-president of Frontignan THB, “the obstacles helped to unite the group”

Jean Garait réconforte Adria Leon après la demi-finale. Le coprésident est fier de ses joueurs. MIDI LIBRE – Jérôme Belluire

Le coprésident du FTHB revient sur cette fin de saison. Heureux et fier.

How did you experience this semi-final ?

I believed it. We surprised more than one person this season and I really thought we were capable of creating a surprise. And then, when Adria Leon came out after twenty minutes of play, I told myself that it was going to be very complicated. He’s so important on both ends of the floor. In defense, this created a hole. It’s certain that it didn’t help the goalkeepers. Owen Abodogo is not unworthy, but he is not yet the same build.

And in the second half, we finally understand…

We held on physically until the 40th. But considering their bench, we couldn't keep up. Fortunately we reduced the gap at the end. I also appreciated that Asier brought in Loïc Magro and Nils Duchaussoy. These are young people we are counting on for next year.

The emotion was very strong after the match.

Some were playing their last match… Adria was devastated. This is where we see the man we can count on. He has values ​​that we greatly appreciate. And the audience was monstrous. There were about a hundred of them but they alone provided the atmosphere. The exchange between the players and them was a great moment of emotion.

It wasn’t the same as last year. We were very disappointed because we could go further. This year, with everything that has happened to us, it’s a great performance. Especially since we came across someone stronger than us.

What will you remember from this season ?

Another great job from Asier, a close-knit group who made the difference against more upscale teams. The problems encountered, which everyone knows, triggered a burst of solidarity from the players. What happened is crazy…hellip; They were more united than ever. This is what made the team reach a milestone at the end of the season, with exceptional collective mastery.

I usually say that coaches are like presidents, and players are like coaches. This team reflected the values ​​we want to convey. And I think that Guillaume Crépain (Editor's note: the next coach) will be able to take over.

The club has evolved a lot in a few months…

We came very close to the correctional facility, but we managed to perpetuate the situation for next year. The forecast budget presented to the CNACG has been validated, which is a real relief. We also felt the support of the NHL, unlike some competing clubs.

Now, we will try to build in the long term in Proligue. We are giving ourselves one year to separate the professional sector from the association, through an SAS (Editor's note: simplified joint stock company). This is work that we must undertake. And if one day the Starligue presents itself, we will have to think about a lot of things. In any case, I think that everyone around us understood.

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