Handball: Frontignan passes fourth and distances himself

Handball: Frontignan passes fourth and distances himself

Adria Leon et les siens signent leur quatrième victoire de rang. MIDI LIBRE – Jérôme Belluire

The victory acquired this Saturday, April 13 against Besançon (35-37) allows the FTHB to have a head start in the fight for the playoffs.

In their quest for dams, the Frontignanais showed all their determination this Saturday evening. After announcing his retirement from the professional world a few days earlier, Mesnard launched his team with several saves and, on the other side of the field, Leon went to the "putty" but also finished counterattacks. Gaillard and Alexandre set the pace and Isnard, ideally served by Tesio, opened up a gap (12-8).

Mesnard decisive

This was followed by an extraordinary save from Mesnard against Beauchef (concluded by Camara 13-8), then another against Morvan. But in attack, the Frontignanais marked time, victims of numerous whistles, and this benefited the Bisontins (13-12).

The warning was taken seriously and, after a spectacular flight on his wing, Bilel Karray signed a trickster interception then doubled the lead: 16-13.

Ferrari heats up

After the break, Frontignan Thau Handball came up against the visiting defense, lost a few balls and let their opponents come back level (20-20). It was then that Ayhan Alexandre, as boss, sounded the revolt with two angry goals (24-22).

Ferrari then rose in temperature as well as in decibels, even more so after Mesnard's new save which allowed Alexandre to score in the empty goal (26-23). In front of her family from Barcelona, ​​Adria Leon then gave FTHB a five-goal lead (31-26), who only had to manage the final minutes.

Frontignan is more than ever in the race for a place as roadblocker.

The technical sheet

► FRONTIGNAN……………..35
► BESANÇON……………….33

Henri-Ferrari Room.
Half-time: 17-14.
Referees: MM. Fitoussi and Blanchet
Spectators: approximately 650.

FRONTIGNAN: Mesnard (14 saves on 47 shots). Camara (7 goals on 8 shots, including 3/3 pen), Isnard (2/5), Leon (5/7), Karray (3/3), Tesio (3/6), Minne (1/2), Alexandre (7/9), Gaillard (7/12).
Two minutes at: Pelegrin (24th), Laurens (36th), Isnard (59th).

BESANÇON: Kholmov (13 saves on 48 shots), Beauchef (4 goals on 6 shots, including 2/2 pen), Vigneron ( 2/2), Brkljacic (5/9), Jametal (5/9), Danesi (3/5), Laplace (1/1), Morvan (1/2), Handjou (3/3), Petiot (5 /8), Bonnissol (1/3), Mandiangu (3/3).
Two minutes at: Petiot (17th), Danesi (27th), Diarrassouba (39th).

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