Handball: Frontignan THB did not show its true colors against Massy

Handball: Frontignan THB did not show its true colors against Massy

Dure soirée pour Lucas Pelegrin et les Frontignanais. MIDI LIBRE – Jérôme Belluire

Battus 31-32 ce vendredi 9 février, les hommes d’Asier Antonio ont péché en défense et n’ont pas pu imposer leur rythme.

The disappointment was great this Friday evening and for good reason, the Frontignanais folded at home without being able to develop their usual game. Unrecognizable for almost 45 minutes. « Massy made a gap at 5-10 and took cover », says Asier Antonio. « We failed to stop them. And in attack, we found very advantageous situations but we came up against the goalkeeper or the posts, to take counter-attacks behind… Compared to the handball produced, the gap was not fair at that time. »

Everything "to be snatched"

Finally, the hoped-for return took place in the last quarter of an hour. Because the FTHB has heart and pride. But that was not enough. And that wasn’t enough for the Frontignan coach to draw a positive result: « There is a reaction because we are at home and opposite, they were starting to get a little tired. But it was all 'up and down', we gave everything and came back, but it doesn't work every time. You can come back like losing by fifteen goals. We didn’t do what we needed to do to win, this defeat is deserved. If we had been a little more efficient shooting, the attack would have hidden the defense and we would have won without playing a good match. But if we can't do it, and what's more, we can't defend, it's simply impossible. It’s the defense that allows us to run and impose our rhythm. We did it at the end, but a match lasts sixty minutes. »

In emotion

Today, the FTHB is more than ever in the fight for fifth place with Billère, Cherbourg and Nancy, especially since it will not play the next day. « Do we have a playoff team ? We haven't shown it, but there's still time. » We will therefore quickly have to come to our senses. « It’s true that it’s a special and unusual moment that the club is experiencing », continues Asier Antonio. « It was the last for our general manager Benjamin Curabet, we wanted to at least be able to offer him a victory… Important people are leaving and perhaps we need to digest all this information to regain calm. We are a team that lives in emotion, maybe all of that plays a role…hellip; »

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